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The Year of the Horse

We are entering the Chinese Year of the Horse. A lively and high-spirited year for all. Life will be hectic and punctuated with adventures. People will find themselves reckless, romantic and carefree. A definite time for advancement. We will find … Continue reading

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Addendum to Why Aren’t We Happy

After I posted some comments about happiness and Jean Webster’s book Daddy-Long-Legs, I continued to finish off the book for this reading. And ran again across one of her paragraphs as Judy writing to Daddy-Long-Legs that always reminds me of … Continue reading

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Why aren’t we happy?

I don’t know why I’m having a problem getting this to copy to FB, or to a friend of mine who is a follower and says she didn’t get this message. So that the addendum that followed was a little … Continue reading

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America 100+ years ago

I just finished reading a book titled “Never Victorious, Never Defeated” written by Taylor Caldwell, copyrighted 1954. It was a story about the first railroad-ers, the owners and the working people, from 1865-1935, and it was a real eye-opener. As … Continue reading

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