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Social Security

Please pay attention to those two words. Notice what they mean when used together. After the Great Depression of the 30s, the government under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt put together the Social Security Administration for the everyday working people to … Continue reading

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Followed by the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson

I will not be able to write a full review yet because I am barely at the half-way point of the first book, Red Mars. But here is what I have gleaned out of the 300 pages I have read … Continue reading

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Why this can never be a perfect world, for anyone

I have been reading nothing but science fiction these days because there is so much out there from 50-70 years ago that is speculative sf about the future of humankind. Here are some of the things I have picked up … Continue reading

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Life under reality

What have I been doing since I last wrote here?  I’ve watched the TCM 31 days of Oscar, and saw many films that I never saw.  Lots of old black and whites from the 30s and 40s, as well as … Continue reading

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