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Wars (and the men and women who fight them)

Lately, I have just finished a book titled “What It Is Like To Go To War”, written by Karl Marlantes, copyright 2011, ISBN 13:978-0-8021-1992-6, published by Atlantic Monthly Press of New York NY. Mr. Marlantes is a veteran of Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Another comment on separation of church and state

In Saturday’s Austin American Statesman (9/22/12), Rick Perry blames Satan for the separation of church and state, insisting it has been used in the past “to keep people of faith from being involved” in government. Yeah, this is what he … Continue reading

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Welfare vs Entitlements

So Mitt Romney does not want to fool with the 47% of people who use government help, or get government checks.  He thinks we are worthless, that we don’t want to work, that we just want to sit back and … Continue reading

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Fewer readers

I seem to have not had as many readers over the last couple of weeks, but I blame that on my writing of politics and the conventions, which many of my readers probably already saw anyway. So I’m not going … Continue reading

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The Middle East is on fire

A statement from Mitt Romney’s campaign said:  If Romney were president, this wouldn’t have happened. Please explain – would film not have been made?  Supression of freedom of speech. Muslims not angered over insult to Mohammed?  Suppression of freedom of … Continue reading

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Those old States Rights keep popping up

While watching my regular news shows last night, I was once again reminded of how some states want to take rights that belong to the Federal Government, if we are to be a United States of America. So: Why do … Continue reading

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This is just a few words about a book I’ve just finished:  I just read Tom Brokaw’s book “The Greatest Generation”, and one of the folks he interviewed, and that he commented on, was about divorce and that generation. Those … Continue reading

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DNC second day

Notes I took while watching the second day of the DNC: Piers Morgan interviewed Eva Longoria, said she was very smart, not like her character on Desperate Housewives.  Well, duh. Video of Vietnam veteran (Edward Meagher, AF-Ret) talking about military … Continue reading

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First night of the DNC

Montana Democrat Governor, can he make Montana a swing state?  I’ll be watching that.  Also enjoyed watching the ex-Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson in several interviews yesterday, and really enjoyed them, but I already have chosen New Mexico for … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from the days between conventions, from news programs

In a visit to flooded areas of Louisiana (the town of Jean Lafitte in Plaqmines Parish), Mitt Romney told Jodie Chiarello, whose home was destroyed by the flood, that “there is assistance out there” and to go home and call … Continue reading

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