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Slow time for posting

I have not had a lot to say lately, other than the posts I made about Kennedy and politics. I have received a few comments I did not approve because my blog spot is not for me to argue. I … Continue reading

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A comment on Obama Hatred

A new friend of mine, Malina Lobel-karimi, wrote this on Facebook, and I was so impressed with it, and agreed with it 100%, and asked if she would let me copy it to my blogspace. I promised she would get … Continue reading

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Kennedy Half Century

Last night (November 11, 2013), after the American Experience show about JFK (which continues tonight at 8:00 on PBS), there was an hour show titled Kennedy Half Century, which is a book written by Larry Sabato, and is about how … Continue reading

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Sheeple……………and Orson Welles

Last evening (October 31, 20130), I watched a special on PBS about Orson Welles’ famous radio performance of The War of the Worlds on October 30, 1938. Now I have read about this many times over the years, I have … Continue reading

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