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An edit

I just added an edit to my blog on Mamma Mia because I have the DVD and am really enjoying it.  And I just watched it again simply because Meryl won the Oscar for her latest work. Also, please note … Continue reading

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Switchback, on FaceBook and MySpace as Switchback I first heard Switchback a couple of years ago on my local PBS station, and signed up on both of their social network pages.  I have been getting a newsletter from them occasionally, … Continue reading

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Funny Times

I read a monthly newspaper titled Funny Times, which a friend gives me every year for Christmas.  It is a very liberal newspaper, and there is much in it that no right-winger would appreciate.  Although this last year, even Barack … Continue reading

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Political year 2012-2/20

Well, first of all, I read in Sunday’s paper that Texas is coming out for Rick Santorum.  I guess that shows Rick Perry, who is endorsing Newt Gingrich.  Of course, I also read that this is making the leaders worried … Continue reading

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Separation of church and state, part I

Yesterday I read that the Baptist Council is trying to stop the Texas Lottery from using the Internet for people to send their numbers for second drawings.  The way I understand it, these numbers are then transferred to a second … Continue reading

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Women in a men’s world

OK, that title is misleading, because I don’t really believe this is a men’s world.  The problem is that way too many men, and their women, believe it is.  So I’m going to vent some peeves today. Let’s go back … Continue reading

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