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Reading list

Apologies to all that I have not yet provided a list of books as I said I would.  You know the old saying, the best laid plans etc. etc…………………….. Anyway, when living in a world where there is no real … Continue reading

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Spiritual Freedom and the Tea Party

(This has been proofed) Christianity, as taught by the Catholic Church, would have you listen to their words, believe the Pope is God’s surrogate on earth (male only, of course, the gender driven by “his” genitals), and never question what … Continue reading

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The Priory of Sion

This is going to be short and sweet, and just a report on what this book, “Inside The Priory of Sion”, has said, and of which I have about 50 pages to go.  The book is written by Robert Howells.  … Continue reading

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Romney, tea partiers, and christianity

Yesterday, I read several articles in the Austin American-Statesman that seemed to bring these three items together. The first was about Mitt Romney, and how his Mormonism reflects in his daily life.  He does not drink alcohol, coffee, or caffeinated … Continue reading

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Bain Corporation and Mitt Romney

While listening to the news shows yesterday, I was hearing all the stories from people on political ads talking about how they lost their jobs when Bain Corporation took their companies over.  For those who are confused about how Mitt … Continue reading

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The Irish Rovers “Drunken Sailor”

The Irish Rovers, “Drunken Sailor” Back in the 1960s, I managed a merchant seamans’ bar in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I had the privilege, for a few years, of serving “booze” to men (and a few women) from all over the … Continue reading

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A Mitt comment……and the answer to a question

So, turns out Mitt Romney was a bully.  Why does this not surprise me?  But I think that is a question that answers itself. And to the person who used the search term “is Highland Cathedral” religious?  Phil Coulter is … Continue reading

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