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Grammy Salute to the Beatles

Yesterday, I finally watched the show which was aired on February 9, 2014, The Grammy Salute to the Beatles. I had taped it because the Olympics were on that night, and I always watch the Olympics. My first thrill was … Continue reading

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Sochi Olympics closing – Daytona 500

Well, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are over, and they successfully were held without any serious political problems. A Russian skier was badly injured in a skiing practice on the 15th, and after surgery, in Germany, she has no feeling … Continue reading

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Ice Skating revisited – Sochi

The Russian figure skater won the gold legitimately. If you looked at the technical scores, she won in more layers than one. Because Yuna has been called the Queen of Skating, naturally there are those who will argue. Because Russia … Continue reading

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The first paragraph is something I wrote on my Facebook page as a result of getting a posting about Syria. Here is the thing with me and war, especially in the Middle East. The more the US interferes in these … Continue reading

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Ice Skating

I have noticed once again how skaters who are lower on the totem pole get lower scores. I have always thought that the judges give these lower marks so they can save room at the top for the skaters who … Continue reading

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Winter Olympics 2014 Sochi Russia Opening Ceremonies

Beautiful opening, talking about Russia’s size, and what it has done over the years, and its arts and crafts. A fascinating country. I have always thought it might be an interesting place to visit. Never on the top of my … Continue reading

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