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  1. carolstepp says:

    I am a lady of 72 (12/4/40), who has lived a very full, and now, a happy and full life. I am a non-PC, non-traditional, an ultra-liberal socialist Democrat, and a Pythagorean Gnostic Pagan of the Celtic tradition.

    During the rocking 60s, I managed a merchant seaman’s bar in Corpus Christi, later in my 30s, I moved to Austin, TX, and started working mundane 9-5 jobs. I tried to keep them from getting too mundane when I went to work at the University of Texas in 1984, first in the astronomy department, then at the public radio station, finishing out in the graduate student department. Along the way, I also produced a radio show about Celtic music, and attended some Irish music festivals, where I met and interviewed many Irish and Scots musicians for my radio show. I tried to start up an agency representing musicians, but was laid low by a bout of depression in the mid-90s, from which I am fully recovered, but I wanted to find a way to stay in the music business. So I wrote reviews and some are here in this blog. I am retired, living in assisted housing, on social security.

    These days, I am satisfied with my retired state, walk with a rollator because of arthritic knees, and spend a lot of time either on my computer on Facebook, which is my social life, or writing blogs. On Facebook, my name is carolstepp. Use that if you wish to argue my political blogs because my blogs are public, but they are my blogs, and not a place for you to argue politics with me. I write many other blogs that are not politics-related, about music, shows and movies, and personal thoughts about spirituality. My blogs are separated into categories, found on my main page.

    I am totally committed to ridding this country of teapublicans through totally legitimate reasons only, working for the poor, the downtrodden, women, elderly, and minorities, which if I live long enough as a white person, will soon be a minority, and that is exactly what I want. Tolerance, kindness, compassion are the code I live by, and I expect everyone who wants to deal with me to be the same way. I will not tolerate racism or stupidity, and I have that right now that nobody signs a paycheck for me.

    Just remember, if you want your opinions heard AGAINST my blogs, take them to my Facebook page.

    Otherwise, just read or not, as you choose.

    Carol Stepp
    Austin, T

  2. bcstoneb444 says:

    Thanks for visiting http://vagrantmoodwp.wordpress.com/. I like your blog, especially the post on The Kennedy Half Century.

    • carolstepp says:

      Thank you. I looked you up because your photo fascinates me. You look a bit like Richard Gere. Then I thought I would look at a couple of your blogs. I need to spend more time wandering through your blogsite because it appears you talk about things that interest me. Unfortunately, until the college bowl season is over, I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the computer – maybe two hours a day, and that spent mostly in Facebook. I definitely need to start following you. Anyway, thank you again. Carol

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