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Life Goes On – for now

As I sit here having just watched M.A.S.H., and on the way to watching a Rambo marathon, I wonder when WWIII is going to start. Everyday there is good news and there is bad news. We get an Executive Order … Continue reading

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A new year has begun

Frustration over the past political fuck-up has passed, and yesterday, January 3, 2017, I got back to MSNBC to find out what was happening on the first day of the first session of 2017.  I came away with a couple … Continue reading

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I have been reading a large number of people who planned to join the million women march on Facebook.  I am also now reading a number of posts from people who apparently are believing that Donald Trump can really close … Continue reading

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Christmas for Seniors

I first wrote this blog two years ago, and then copied it for last year.  It is still the most popular blog I ever wrote.  But instead of just copying it over again, I just had it repeated (with my … Continue reading

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Suicide – up much

So, I haven’t been on the computer much since Thursday. Once again I discovered I slept through a complete day – last Friday, never got out of bed. I have always loved my life. I have had a few setbacks, … Continue reading

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2016 Rio Olympic Games

This year’s Olympic games were a delight.  I saw a lot of good athletes.  I particularly still love the Track and Field more than anything else, but I saw a lot of good beach volley ball from both men and … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s emails

Every fucking time I turn on MSNBC, one of the reporters is talking again about Hillary Clinton’s emails. I guess since they don’t have anything else to say about her, they will keep on and on about it. So she … Continue reading

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