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Republican Convention

As a liberal Socialist Democrat, I wondered if I could tolerate watching the Republican Convention. I lasted about a day and a half. Monday night was an interesting night, and I wanted to hear Melania speak. I thought she did … Continue reading

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Swearword – why does this keep happening?

Why does this keep happening?  Why do you keep wondering? Mass shootings, mass killings, coups (Turkey as I write), Paris, Belgium, Nice, Orlando, Florida, Minnesota, California, Oregon. I find it difficult to know that many Americans do not understand this. … Continue reading

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Justice for All

This is very short.  When Conservatives and the Media is as adamant about punishing Donald Trump and other racists for their wrong doings, I will hear them better when they try to tell me that Hillary has broken any laws. … Continue reading

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Turning the Other Cheek

I just finished watching President Obama in a press conference from Europe about the two recent killings of black men, who were not doing anything wrong, according to video and interviews.  Okay, I am a white woman, 75 yo, who … Continue reading

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