Republican Convention

As a liberal Socialist Democrat, I wondered if I could tolerate watching the Republican Convention. I lasted about a day and a half. Monday night was an interesting night, and I wanted to hear Melania speak. I thought she did an excellent job, and was quite surprised to hear all the criticism on Tuesday about her using so much of Michelle’s 2008 speech. Plagiarism is such a broad word. While I agree that plagiarizing someone else’s scientific or critical paper is wrong, wrong, wrong, a speech about loving one’s husband is going to carry the same catchwords.
While I deplore that a speechwriter could not have actually written a speech using the same kinds of words, and left Melania open to criticism, I think it is just much ado about nothing. That speech should not have been the basis for a political convention.

As for yesterday, Tuesday, I cannot bear to continue to watch. I do not understand a troupe of people who cannot do anything but preach hate, to a mob of people who know nothing but hate, and wonder if there is going to be a lynch mob rioting on the streets. The purpose of a political convention is to let people know what you plan to do as President and Vice President, or whatever, and not a venue to stir people up to more and more hatred, thus saying nothing at all. You are not worth my time, nor my energy, nor my care.

Even the pundits, especially Chris Matthews, took every advantage to stir the people up. I think Chris Matthews must be a very stupid man. I don’t think he has a brain in his head because he cannot seem to talk intelligently about anything – he just grins and keeps the pot boiling, asking questions that have nothing to do with the candidates, or the hating speakers, other than to keep the pot stirred.

So I have chosen to not watch the rest of the convention. I cannot think of a single reason why I should. I plan to vote for Hillary Clinton – I have the whole time. It seems pointless to even try to see another point of view when all I hear from these Republicans is hate speech, and nothing with any meat on it.

I will watch the Democrat convention next week. At least from them, I expect some intelligent speeches about what the Presidency and the Congress have in mind to help this country get back on its feet. I don’t expect them to have all the answers – We the People must do our part in this as well – but I expect them to lead, and not sit back and watch this country implode.

And with Republicans today, it will implode. There is so much hate in this country that we are no better than the people you claim to hate. You see them on TV carrying their assault weapons and you want to be just like them. You see the hate in the non-religious followers of other beliefs, and you christians want to be just like them. You see them cutting off people’s heads, and you want to do the same thing here. You don’t want this country to be great – you want it to be just as bad and nasty and full of hate as those people in those countries you claim to hate.

I am ashamed of you.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

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Swearword – why does this keep happening?

Why does this keep happening?  Why do you keep wondering?

Mass shootings, mass killings, coups (Turkey as I write), Paris, Belgium, Nice, Orlando, Florida, Minnesota, California, Oregon.

I find it difficult to know that many Americans do not understand this.  What do you expect?  Look at history.

We sit and watch television, and wonder about all those people “over there” walking around carrying assault weapons “in the open”, but what is America starting to look like.t

Why does the NRA keep flourishing?  Why do politicians keep taking their money?  That’s easy.  Because too many of us, secretly down deep, want this to happen.  “We” want to look and act like “them”.  We want our little wars.  We want our terroristic trends to be allowed to thrive.  We may not be Kurds and Shi’ite or Muslims, but we are racially and religiously divided.  We want to be them.  Unfortunately, we also want it to be kept over there instead of here, although obviously there are now those who want it to be over here now.

American wars have mostly been fought “over there”:  Germany, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Syria, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia.  The only place in this world that we haven’t ever actively participated in a war is in Australia.  We fought an war of Independence in the northeast.  We fought the Civil War (an oxymoron) in our southern states over slavery.  We killed off Native Americans all over the country for land; we fought the Mexicans in Texas for the same reasons.  It is always over land, religious thought, race.

Well, the way I see it, after almost total destruction of some of those lands, maybe those folk are ready to come fight us for our land, against our religions, for total destruction of our cities and towns and “civilization”.  Problem is, civilization is not something everyone wants.  One can come down through history to realize that.  Civilization is no fun – killing one another and stealing what they have is more fun.

While there may be different names – ISIS, Daesh, al Quaeda, republicans, dominionism, KKK, Inquisition, purifying the blood line, states rights – some among many, they all are for the same things.  They want to kill, they want to get rid of anyone who isn’t just like themselves, they claim to want to defend themselves against “the others”, what they really want is to kill.  Being polite and civilized and peaceful is boring – it is more thrilling to kill, kill, kill.

Don’t think this country is going to escape all that.  They have escaped that for so many years that others are looking to us, including some of our own citizens, as a new place to raid, to shatter to ash and ruin, to spread wide destruction, and if a lot of people get maimed or killed – well, so what, collateral damage.  Christians claim that they hope they are bringing around the rapture – hey, did you think the rapture was gong to be completely painless?  Even the christ you believe in did not go out painlessly.  But don’t kid yourself, he did not take all the evil with him.  Evil is fast making its way over good for the simply act that evil is violent, and good is peaceful.

I am not one of those who love evil.  I believe in love and compassion, and I am going to remain that way.  But don’t kid yourself – if it comes down to defending myself and mine, I won’t hesitate.  Death may be peaceful, but I want, and love, my life, and you won’t get it that easy.

Certainly there is a lot of contempt out there, from both sides against both sides.  How pitiful is that statement, both sides, why must human beings divide themselves into sides.  Did God/dess, or just plain male God, plan for this?  Yes, s/he probably knew this was going to happen.  I believe s/he had hope for humans, but I think he knew better.

You can sit in front of your TVs and gawp and say to yourself, “Goddammit, why does this keep happening?”, but don’t get too comfortable, you may find yourself in the middle of it all.  No-one is safe from revolution.  Keep letting assault weapons proliferate, and one day, one of those may be aimed at you.  Or a bomb may fall in your city, town, burg, and blow it all to rubble.  God knows we have ourselves turned “their” cities, towns, burgs to rubble.  The north turned Atlanta to rubble.  In the name of freedom for all.  When is a gun-toting conservative going to turn Cleveland to rubble?

Oh yeah, maybe next week.

I am weeping for people all over the world.  We/they are way too interested in destruction instead of building up.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX

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Justice for All

This is very short.  When Conservatives and the Media is as adamant about punishing Donald Trump and other racists for their wrong doings, I will hear them better when they try to tell me that Hillary has broken any laws.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX

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Turning the Other Cheek

I just finished watching President Obama in a press conference from Europe about the two recent killings of black men, who were not doing anything wrong, according to video and interviews.  Okay, I am a white woman, 75 yo, who has seen the effects of both civil rights and desegregation.  And I am sick and tired of what is happening today to these human beings who just happen to have a different pigment in their skin.

The thing that stands out to me most is that the African-American (black) population is expected to turn the other cheek.  When these kinds of things happen, the white population starts worrying about what these black folks are going to do – the protest vigils turning into riots.  Sadly, when those things do happen, these people who are inclined to riot tend to burn down their own people, their own businesses.  And that gives the white person a chance to say “see there, that is what they do”.

So it comes down to everyone, including the black population itself, saying they are wrong, and that they need to turn the other cheek, and not do anything to make the racists say “it is what they do”.

Hey, people, it appears to me that there is a section of white people alive today that is trying to completely massacre a whole set of human beings.  It angers me.  It is blatant racism, and though our wonderful president, Barack Obama, who I think will be seen in history as the best president this country has ever has, and maybe ever will have, at least in my lifetime, cannot say such.  He is right to call it an American problem.  But the way I see it, the American problem is that there are far too many people that still believe black people are a lesser race, that they need to be exterminated.  I don’t blame this on the police themselves – there are too many good policemen.  Strangely, though, while I was not surprised to see this occur in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I was surprised to see it happen in Minnesota, a clearly Democratic state, and makes me wonder, unfairly but because of my length of life and experience of life, to wonder where this policeman is from.  Or who raised him.  I don’t want to think that way.  The policeman who did the murder in Minnesota is also a human being, but he is a flawed human being.  Human beings are not born this way – with hatred and racism in their hearts as new human beings.  They are made that way in their lives.

It does appear to me that white people in America are the worst terrorists in the world.  Perhaps it is because they have seen that people get by doing this, some never get punished for what they have done.  They know there are so many others who are going to approve what they have done.  This is not American.  And don’t try to tell me otherwise.

I am angry with the way America is going.  I love my country, I love our Constitution, I love our freedom.  I do not love those who will try to deny anyone those same rights as I have.  I live too close to racist people who claim to be Democratic Americans, but refuse to look beyond their own noses at the differences in skin pigment, except to somehow believe that makes anyone a non-human being.

I fear that I am going to be dead before I see the changes that need to be made, especially by the white population that adheres to these racist biases.  There are other biases out there, but that is for another blog.

It really does seem that my generation, and the one after it, is going to have to die off before justice is a reality for ALL human beings in this country called the United States of America – or perhaps better known these days as the Un-united States of America.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX


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I just wrote this on Facebook, and decided to copy it over here. Please feel free to share it, especially with your legislators who take money from the NRA.

Lately, I am seeing ads for a movie called “Purge”. I am not sure if this is the movie I have seen before. It reminds me so much of the Original Star Trek episode about the Archons (title not sure about – I think it is Night of the Archons, but if I am wrong, I will be corrected). It especially fascinates me in the light of the NRA refusing to allow guns at their own meetings, in their own headquarters, wherever they hold their rantings about how everyone has a right to own an assault weapon. Anyway, this is a thought, but not one I would particularly want to follow up on personally – KARMA and all that, you know – but here is a question for all of you level-headed friends of mine. What if We the People insisted on having a night once this year in which all assault weapons backers must go out (the rest of us are privileged to stay inside our homes, out of the public) and there would be no laws for the one night. Let THEM all go out and proudly show of their assault weapons, which THEY believe are their right to own, and see if they are excited about meeting their counterparts, the ones who believe the same thing? All places like bars, stores, restaurants, would have to close down for the night to keep the innocents out of the line of fire. I wonder how many of THEM would be happy out in public, meeting with their counterparts. Just imagining how much I would appreciate hearing that they were either taking one another out, or how many of them would chicken out and refuse to be seen. Theoretically, of course.

I think I’ll put this in my blog, which copies to FB, so you may see it twice.

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Mass Shootings

I wrote this on a meme put out by somebody on Facebook. My point people is that as long as nothing is done by We the People, the NRA and the Conservatives of this country are going to continue to enable people to continue doing this. We cannot just keep talking about it; we need to do something about it.

A lot of it is probably terrorism, but frankly, what I am seeing about the young man who perpetrated this horror in Orlando FL may have done thisout of hatred and anger and mental problems.

That the Donald would take credit for it, and ask us to congratulate him, is a definite sign of how degraded clear and sane thinking has become in this world we live in. .Please feel free to spread this far and wide

Can we talk about anger and hatred. Folks, I have said this before, and am saying it again. I take an anti-depressant. I take it because of how my mental health reacts to a great line of anger I carry just above my abdomet – it is a live, wriggling, black thing. I have been through therapy three times, and I understand why I have it. I control it because I take responsibility for who I am. I have a second med that I can take if I get so stressed or upset that the anger starts to rise. I can feel it. I could get a gun, easily, because I have never done anything remotely illegal or stupid. I am thankful that I hate murder so much, and guns so much, that I know I would never kill anyone – I would take myself out first. Why can’t the world, or just the NRA, accept that there are a lot of people out there just like me.
I love you all – I would never hurt anyone – but I’m not going to give myself a chance to do so.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

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My Obituary

I have no premonitions of dying anytime soon, but since so many folks I have known, or known of with a place in my life, are dropping like flies, I thought I would write my obituary so it reflects what I want to be known about me. Aimee, you can print this out when you need it.

Stepp, Carolyn Sue Henze, was born on December 4, 1940, around 5 p.m. in the afternoon at Dr. White’s Maternity Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her parents were Charles Frederick Henze and Beulah Beatrice Pitman, who preceded her in death. She had one sister with both parents, Patricia Claire Henze Schmidt, who predeceased her in 2013. She also has had sisters and brothers through step-parents, and had three daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. There are nieces and and a nephew, and their children who form the rest of her family.

Carolyn was born when London was in flames, was a year old when the United States became involved in World War II, and her life has been somewhat war- and fire-filled ever since. She graduated from high school in Corpus Christi, Texas, Roy Miller High School, in 1958, where she was a member of the marching band, the Battling Bucs. After graduation, she went to Las Vegas to live with her father, and shortened her name to Carol. She lived a rather flamboyant life out there, marrying and divorcing twice before she was 24, worked in casinos and on a dude ranch. She was a member of the Paradise Valley Saddle Association and the Nevada State Horsemen’s Association in her latter years out there, riding horses and living the country-style life. She also sang with a country-western band for a short time during the years 1962-63, but was never famous, though she hung out with a few famous people around then. She gave birth to two of her daughters while living out there.

In 1964, she returned to Corpus Christi, after a bad patch with her father and step-mother, and spent the crazy years from 1964-1971 involved in the drinking scene, managed a merchant seamen’s bar in Corpus Christi during 1965-1967, when she gave birth to her third daughter, and did some traveling to places like Biloxi, MS, and Wichita Falls, TX. When she woke up in shock and realized she had turned 30, she decided to try and live a more normal life. She was truly impacted by the war in Vietnam, losing some friends, being turned off by the horror, and wanting to find some stability, since she was still alive. She wore a POW bracelet from 1970 until 1985, when the remains of her service man were returned to America.

In 1974 she took a job which brought her to Austin, TX, in 1975, where she lived until her death. She was employed in Administrative work until her early retirement 2003, and she spent her final years living on her social security, aided by living in City-assisted housing, where she settled down with her cats, and although she served on the Board of Directors for the apartment complex, she really settled into a mostly lazy life. She was able to reconcile with her father in 1982, and remained fast friends with him until his death in 1984. She considered herself lucky.

Carol was never a very domesticate person. She had no interest in marriage, did not raise her children, and would just as soon hire someone to clean her house instead of doing it herself. But she had passions: She loved fine art, music, science fiction, cooking, her Celtic-heritage spirituality, and her cats. She gave money to fund an Art Museum (Corpus Christi, TX), choral groups (Las Vegas, NV; Austin, TX); a number of organizations she belonged to for both business and pleasure; NPR television and radio stations, and even produced a couple of radio shows for a true public-funded radio station in Austin, TX; and the Democratic Party, of which she was an ultra-liberal Socialist Democrat. She was particularly fond of Impressionist art, and was somewhat creative in her own right. Her morals were sometimes looked at askance by outsiders, but Carol pretty much lived by both the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes, though she did not consider herself a christian.

Carol has never fancied herself as a “politcally-correct” person; she had no problems speaking her mind about everything from war to feminist subjects to tolerance and compassion. She proudly called people of all races and nationalities and genders friends throughout her life, always expected equal rights for herself (though she never made the money she should have), and generally fought battles that had to be fought over and over. She was a sucker more than once because she gave people the benefit of the doubt, and in her later years, had to cut back on what she could just give money-wise to others. But she never wanted to stop helping.

She also believe all wars should be fought with swords, saying that one should always have to look the person they were planning to kill in the eye. Her biggest bugaboos were liars and frauds and thieves.

Carol plans to be cremated and her ashes thrown upon flowing water that goes down to the sea.


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