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Mitt and the Brits

So, Mitt Romney disses England and praises France. England and France are hereditary enemies, dating back to 1066. The Brits still call them the “frogs” in some instances, like Olympic games, wars, etc. Gaffe one.He tells the world that he … Continue reading

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An addendum to yesterday’s post about Barack Obama

Yesterday, in listing those things which President Obama DID do for our country, I left out one very important one.  He bailed out the Automotive Industry.  I am aware there are those who think he should not have done that, … Continue reading

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Why Obama should not be elected????

I was not going to come back today because I need to get cooled off, and my blood pressure is too high. But I just have to say something to all those folks who claim Obama has done nothing for … Continue reading

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National Weapons Association

To my general readers, and friends who have commented on a couple of my writings about the NRA (National Rifle Association), I would like to make a motion that we, the people, start referring to them as the NWA (National … Continue reading

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Benefit for at-risk children and adults, affordable housing,

This last Saturday, I attended a benefit for a local organization, The Freeman House, which helps at-risk children and adults, here in Austin, TX.  They made barbecue, which was very good.  I also ate a hot dog, and had an … Continue reading

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Aurora, CO

I watched the news about this massacre on Friday, and part of Saturday, until I just was not feeling any emotion any longer.  I was drained by then. I think this is horrifying.  But what I think more horrifying than … Continue reading

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Watchwords to watch for (and a couple of other comments)

Be careful.  New words and phrases are being added daily to republicans talking points. Retroactive.  Hey, if Romney gave back the money he earned from Bain Capital from 1999 through 2004, then I might believe he actually retired “retroactively”. Romney … Continue reading

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