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Newer blogs

Sorry, folks.  Being away from the computer means I don’t get new blogs posted very often.  I was going to write about football last week (12th) and then this week (13th), but I just haven’t had time.  I may try … Continue reading

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Sexual allegations

Well, here we go, as I expected to happen.  Publicity for people allegedly sexually abused by a coach at Penn State, which has spread over to one of the finest men in coaching history, and which happened nearly ten years … Continue reading

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Joe Paterno and Penn State

I wanted to write this blog a week ago, but couldn’t get to a computer.  Perhaps it is best that I had to wait a bit because had I written it a week ago, I was so angry I might … Continue reading

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College football week 10

I have to admit that while every one of my chosen teams that played Saturday (Penn off, Auburn off), every one of them won:  Notre Dame, LSU (loud cheer), Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Boise State.  Yet in my putting … Continue reading

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Rick Perry redux

Well, for those of you who read my previous blog about Rick Perry, you will remember I said he plays dirty politics.  Now I’m not going to vote for Herman Cain either, but I saw in a news story yesterday … Continue reading

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Damian on Glee

OK, I’ve read enough about how bad and/or insulting Glee was to Damian McGinty in last night’s episode.  I would probably agree with everyone, except I watched Glee just to see Damian.  I am not a watcher of Glee because … Continue reading

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