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Hawp: Storm + Calm also present on MySpace and Twitter Hawp, on this CD, is made up of husband and wife team Andy and Niamh Stewart, Anne Lederman, and Jason Pfeiffer.  Andy is originally from Scotland and has toured with Dougie MacLean, among … Continue reading

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College football quarterly report

Okay, here at the end of the second quarter of the college football season, I am behind all seven of the sports reporters I put myself up against, but still on the plus side.  That’s pretty good for an amateur, … Continue reading

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Political debates and Rick Perry

First of all, I will admit I have not been watching the Republican debates because I hear enough about the idiocies from those who do, and read about them in the newspaper.  Also, I have already determined to vote for … Continue reading

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Hello, there

I think I have a lot of regular readers who come back and read some of my posts over and over.  I realize also that it has been a long time since I did a new one.  I claim as … Continue reading

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