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Karma is good

Today, I learned via Facebook that a plumber in New York, who lost everything in the Hurricane, and who has been graciously and generously helping others recover from their own damage, won a large lottery jackpot – a couple million … Continue reading

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Voting Rights and Secession and all the rest

This is what I sent to the Austin American Statesman a week or so ago.  I never heard back from them, so am assuming they are not planning on printing it.  So I’m posting it here. Carol These un-United States … Continue reading

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The Irish Get Up and Go Diary

Through a Facebook friend of mine, I recently became acquainted with a wonderful website which features a beautiful little book that I believe would be a great gift for your Irish friends, your friends who would like to be Irish, … Continue reading

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Texas Secession

I am a born Texan – born in 1940 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas.  I have always been glad to be a Texan, but at the moment, I am both embarrassed and ashamed for my state. I live in … Continue reading

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THE Election 2012

Happy happy joy joy!! OK, I am obviously very happy at how the election turned out, and that it was able to be called so early in the evening, though I stayed up until 3:30 central time, mostly waiting to … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Now, two full days after Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, I can add to, or change, some comments. Hoboken was overrun because it sits below sea level (same as New Orleans), and the Hudson River overran its banks.  The mayor … Continue reading

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