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Royal Pains redux II – Season 4

Well, Carol Flint did not show up in the actors’ lineups.  But she is still an associate producer, and she did co-write last night’s episode.  So I think Carol may have just got tired of working on both sides of … Continue reading

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Romney Fees and Taxes

I heard something on Rev. Al’s show PoliticsNation a few days ago, and thought I would look it up.  The information I have is from Wikipedia. Romney says he will not raise taxes, but wants to give more cuts to … Continue reading

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Eric Holder, and the witch-hunts

I am so totally disgusted with what is going on in the Congressional hearings over Fast and Furious.  These same repubs that I think should be held on treason charges have now been joined by Sen. Issa and Sen. John … Continue reading

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Royal Pains Season 4 redux

Well, it didn’t take long to make a couple of my predictions totally wrong.  I have no idea where the show is going now, especially since Divya has called the boys’ dad back in.  I wish she hadn’t, but then … Continue reading

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Politics, and Mitt Romney’s two sides

I got some very interesting information from my usual political TV fare yesterday. First, corporations and individuals are making some high dollar donations to Republican causes without being identified.  The Koch Brothers, whose products we can boycott, do not like … Continue reading

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Royal Pains Season 4

Okay, so we are only two episodes into this season.  No doubt there will be some surprises coming up that I won’t see coming.  But so much has already happened that I am going to make a few comments going … Continue reading

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The Oklahoma City Thunder

I am not here to speak on basketball in general, mostly because I am no expert in the game.  Half the time I still don’t understand what the announcers are saying about one play or another, even if I see … Continue reading

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