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Hurricane Sandy

I just posted the following on my FaceBook, and in my political group.  I thought I would share it here. OK, this storm, with blizzards as well as terrible winds and water surges is pretty bad, and it was just … Continue reading

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College Football 2012

I have been so involved in politics this presidential year that I have not written many blogs about either music, or the other subjects I am interested in.  With the vote just eight days away, and having already cast my … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 3rd Debate

America’s Role:  development in technology. All energy services Romney spoke about are finite. Obama:  we need more math and science teachers. Romney wants to get rid of all Diplomatic ties to Iran?  It is not viable.  We need our diplomatic … Continue reading

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The Recovery Act

I just finished a book titled The New New Deal, written by Michael Grunwald.  He just finished it in March of this year, so it is quite new.  I borrowed it from the library, had to be on a waiting … Continue reading

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Respect for the Office of the President

The major thing that I came away with from the Tuesday night debate is that Mitt Romney has no respect for the office of the President.  Or would you rather say he has no respect for President Obama, who is, … Continue reading

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Jobs Report

I find it amazing that the CEO of GE would accuse Chicago of changing job reports numbers because they went down to 7.8% unemployment. It is so horrifying to me that there are so many wealthy nabobs and Republican evangelists … Continue reading

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Recent comments

I want to say to everyone who has contacted me in the past couple of weeks that I apologize for not getting back to you yet.  I’ve read some interesting comments, but I have to admit that for the past … Continue reading

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First Debate 10/3/12

OK, for all of you who think the debates are a contest, I’ll say Romney “won”.  I prefer to think of them as not a contest, but a debate, with no winners or losers.  But here is my take. You … Continue reading

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