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Politics as usual?

I tried to lay off politics for most of November and December, after the election, because I got tired of all the same ol’, same ol’ crap. I just want to get away from the angst, from both sides. But … Continue reading

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Texas Secession

I am a born Texan – born in 1940 in Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas.  I have always been glad to be a Texan, but at the moment, I am both embarrassed and ashamed for my state. I live in … Continue reading

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THE Election 2012

Happy happy joy joy!! OK, I am obviously very happy at how the election turned out, and that it was able to be called so early in the evening, though I stayed up until 3:30 central time, mostly waiting to … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 3rd Debate

America’s Role:  development in technology. All energy services Romney spoke about are finite. Obama:  we need more math and science teachers. Romney wants to get rid of all Diplomatic ties to Iran?  It is not viable.  We need our diplomatic … Continue reading

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Respect for the Office of the President

The major thing that I came away with from the Tuesday night debate is that Mitt Romney has no respect for the office of the President.  Or would you rather say he has no respect for President Obama, who is, … Continue reading

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Jobs Report

I find it amazing that the CEO of GE would accuse Chicago of changing job reports numbers because they went down to 7.8% unemployment. It is so horrifying to me that there are so many wealthy nabobs and Republican evangelists … Continue reading

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First Debate 10/3/12

OK, for all of you who think the debates are a contest, I’ll say Romney “won”.  I prefer to think of them as not a contest, but a debate, with no winners or losers.  But here is my take. You … Continue reading

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Wars (and the men and women who fight them)

Lately, I have just finished a book titled “What It Is Like To Go To War”, written by Karl Marlantes, copyright 2011, ISBN 13:978-0-8021-1992-6, published by Atlantic Monthly Press of New York NY. Mr. Marlantes is a veteran of Vietnam, … Continue reading

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Another comment on separation of church and state

In Saturday’s Austin American Statesman (9/22/12), Rick Perry blames Satan for the separation of church and state, insisting it has been used in the past “to keep people of faith from being involved” in government. Yeah, this is what he … Continue reading

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Welfare vs Entitlements

So Mitt Romney does not want to fool with the 47% of people who use government help, or get government checks.  He thinks we are worthless, that we don’t want to work, that we just want to sit back and … Continue reading

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