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Jobs Report

I find it amazing that the CEO of GE would accuse Chicago of changing job reports numbers because they went down to 7.8% unemployment. It is so horrifying to me that there are so many wealthy nabobs and Republican evangelists … Continue reading

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Welfare vs Entitlements

So Mitt Romney does not want to fool with the 47% of people who use government help, or get government checks.  He thinks we are worthless, that we don’t want to work, that we just want to sit back and … Continue reading

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A few days ago: The Los Angeles Times says retail work and selling cell phones are considered low-skill jobs.  Having spent a few of my working years in retail work, I can say fairly that there is nothing low-skill about … Continue reading

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Voters Rights and States Rights

I wrote this and sent it to Ed Schultz at MSNBC today.  I thought some of you might be interested in reading it as well. Ed, you asked on Friday for anything that might help with the Pennsylvania voting outrage. … Continue reading

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Affordable Coverage Act

I have spent the last few months writing things against Mitt Romney.  By now I hope everyone who has read my  blogs know what Romney is really like.  Of course, those of you who are racist are not going to … Continue reading

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Romney Fees and Taxes

I heard something on Rev. Al’s show PoliticsNation a few days ago, and thought I would look it up.  The information I have is from Wikipedia. Romney says he will not raise taxes, but wants to give more cuts to … Continue reading

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This political season

I have never, in all my 71 years, seen as much split between people in this country as I am seeing today.  I have never seen as many sheep as there are – people who listen to the lies being … Continue reading

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