College Bowl Games Predictions

January 7, 2014. Oh my, what a very strange year for college football. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I love it when underdogs win, especially if the team that is expected to win is also expecting it, so much that they get a little arrogant. Because of all the surprises in this bowl season, I got only a 19/16 record, or .543. My friend here where I live got only 15/20, and he’s pretty good. Well, now I wait for next season, with a few more teams to pay attention to. First, though, pro playoffs, Olympics, and NASCAR will be taking my attention. Here are my results:

Here are this year’s college bowl game predictions, as also posted on ESPN:

First, I’ll predict this weekend’s Army-Navy game. Navy, as usual. – Yes (but it is not counted in my final score).

December 21:
New Mexico: Colorado State vs Washington State: Colorado State – yes
Las Vegas: Fresno State vs U Southern Cal: Fresno State – no
Idaho Potato: Buffalo vs San Diego State: Buffalo – no
New Orleans: La-Lafayette vs Tulane: Louisiana-Lafayette – yes

December 23:
Beef O’Bradys: Ohio vs East Carolina: East Carolina -yes

December 24:
Hawaii: Oregon State vs Boise State: Boise State – no

December 26:
Little Caesars: Pittsburgh vs Bowling Green: Pittsburgh – yes
Poinsettia: Utah State vs Northern Illinois: Northern Illinois – no
(note: I don’t think Northern Illinois gets nearly enough respect) – they have now twice been in a bowl, lost both times. I still don’t think they get enough respect.

December 27:
Military: Maryland vs Marshall: Marshall – yes
Texas: Syracuse vs Minnesota: Minnesota – no
Fight Hunger: BYU vs Washington: Washington – yes

December 28:
Pinstripe: Notre Dame vs Rutgers: Notre Dame
(I will never go against Notre Dame) – yes
Belk: Cincinnati vs North Carolina: Cincinnati – no
Russell Athletic: Louisville vs Miami: Louisville – yes
Buffalo Wild Wings: Kansas St. vs Michigan: Michigan – no

December 30:
Armed Forces: Navy vs Middle Tennessee: Navy – yes
Music City: Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss: Ole Miss – yes
Alamo: Oregon vs Texas: Oregon – yes
Holiday: Texas Tech vs Arizona State: Arizona State – no

December 31:
AdvoCare V100: Arizona vs Boston College: Boston College – no
Arizona and Arizona State went just opposite to their year: Arizona State won most, lost bowl; Arizona lost most, won bowl.
Sun: Virginia Tech vs UCLA: UCLA – yes
Liberty: Rice vs Mississippi State: Rice – no
Chick-Fil-A: Texas A&M vs Duke: Texas A&M – yes

January 1:
Heart of Dallas: UNLV vs North Texas: North Texas – yes
Gator: Nebraska vs Georgia: Nebraska – yes
Outback: LSU vs Iowa: LSU – yes
Capital One: Wisconsin vs South Carolina: South Carolina – yes
Rose: Michigan St. vs Stanford: Michigan State – yes
Fiesta: Baylor vs Central Florida: Baylor – no
I got a little smug myself, and karma knocked me to my knees. I was so certain Baylor would win, and I had the first five on this day (my best day), and then down I came. Well, Central Florida played an excellent game, and I will keep my eyes and ears on them next season.

January 2:
Sugar: Oklahoma vs Alabama: Alabama – no
Dang, 15 minutes into this game, I was cheering against myself. Oklahoma was absolutely amazing. I felt sorry for Nick and A.J.

January 3:
Orange: Ohio State vs Clemson: Ohio State – no
Cotton: Oklahoma State vs Missouri: Oklahoma State – no

January 4:
BBVA Compass: Houston vs Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt – yes

January 5: Ball State vs Arkansas St: Ball State – no
(This is the only one I had a hard time choosing)

January 6:
BCS Title Game: Florida State vs Auburn: Auburn – no
(I know Florida State is the only unbeaten, but after watching Auburn all year, and their miracle games, I absolutely have to go with Auburn, just like the year Cam Newton won the Heisman). This one was a bummer, but I cannot say it wasn’t right. FSU just plain outplayed Auburn in the second half.

So that’s it for this year. Onward and upward to next year. (Wonder how many players will be lost to the NFL draft, now. Already heard about Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville) and Johnny “Football” Manziel (Texas A&M).

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