August 2013

Well, I have eschewed both news shows and my computer for a little over a week because I have become so thoroughly sick of the antics of the teapublicans and talichristians that my blood pressure was getting a little high, and I figured I needed to take a break. I watched the coverage of the march on the 24th, to see how many people were there, and see if I knew anyone, and to hear what was being said by the speakers and marchers. I will be watching the PBS specials for this 50th anniversary for the “I Have a Dream” which will be on tomorrow night, and on Wednesday night to hear the complete speech again, and I am assuming it will be followed by Barack’s speech, though I don’t know what his timing will be (before or after).

I turned my TV on this evening to watch MSNBC, and saw Ed’s new show, then Rev. Al, and finally the beginning of Chris’ new time shift, and apparently some cable, and assorted, random channels are all frozen up, with whatever was on at the moment still there in frozen form. On the other hand, there are random stations that are working fine. So I have been thinking about a blog, while starting my 4th jigsaw puzzle in eight days, and I came to a stopping point, and turned on my computer for the first time in many days (a tiny misleading thing there – I turned it on about halfway through the week to dump emails).

So the month started here in Texas with all the War on Women things (actually they were probably the end of July). That was enough to get me riled up enough to back off for a day or two. Then Congress, both Texas and US, called for a rest, not that any of them did anything to have to rest from.

Then I got into several discussions about Ted Cruz and his ability to run for president. That just got me all riled up again, and again, I stepped away and that began my latest vacation from the news and the discussions. It has done me good – nothing but jigsaw puzzles and old movies for a week. And a very nice week it has been. So now I’m just going to put some thoughts out about events over the last week. No preaching, I don’t think.

Ted Cruz. So he is giving up his Canadian citizenship. Many Canadians have expressed their thanks, though I had to laugh at one who commented that he should have stayed in Canada long enough to find out exactly how nice their national health has been for them. But no, he and Jim DeMint are on a bus tour across the nation to tell everyone how bad the ACA (Obamacare) is going to be for them. There are people at his stops saying they are already benefiting from it, and what the hell is he trying to say. Last ditch effort, I guess, to try and stop it. And today I hear he actually thinks Obama might just sign a bill to cancel his most successful program to date. I even heard a soundbite somewhere from a Democrat in a prayer thanking God for sending Ted Cruz into politics. I would love to see him run – especially against Hillary. She would tear him to bits. But then the Republicans are saying no debates unless they can control where they will be broadcast, on who will be the monitors.

Voting Rights: Eric Holder has filed a lawsuit against Texas for trying to bring in ridiculous voting rights requirements. I imagine he will do North Carolina next. North Carolina has gone to far as to decide to not let a couple of colleges have voting on their campuses, and somehow they are trying to stop college students from voting at all because living on campus for four years isn’t enough to give them NC citizenship for voting. This isn’t the first time Texas and North Carolina have done something together against this nation. They were the last two states to get back into the union after the civil war, waiting until 1870 to ratify the 16th amendment to get back in. So here is a thought: I love Texas, but it is not the only place in this country. Let us allow North Carolinians move to Texas, the ones who are teapublicans, and then let us Texans who are liberals move to North Carolina, and then let Texas et al secede from the union. Give it all back to Mexico (which probably wouldn’t have it), and then let them survive on their own, without government help. We could then give Washington DC stateship, and we won’t even have to change the flag. Or we could give Puerto Rico stateship. Just saying.

Women’s Rights: Well, we already know we will be getting them back in 2014.

Here’s an Austin story you all might not have heard. A jogger was running on the Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake)jogging path in downtown Austin a few days ago when a tree branch broke off and hit him and broke his leg. Please note that this is city, i.e., government property. Now think back to 1984 when Greg Abbott, who is planning on running for governor next year, was out jogging on a public sidewalk on a public street when a tree branch broke and fell on him, breaking his back, and putting him in his wheelchair. So he sued the property owner, Austin, and a local tree trimmer. He won so much money he is getting half a million dollars a month. After he got into Texas Congress, he then sponsored a bill for tort reform, saying no-one could file a lawsuit to do exactly what he did – and it passed. So we come to this situation: will the person who this tree branch hit and broke his/her leg take this one to court and try to change it, and get his own settlement. Probably wouldn’t be as much, but then the local news has not shared the person’s name (as of yesterday), nor do we know the extent of the injury. This could be a test case against the tort law, and a comment on what Greg Abbott did – right when he is trying to become governor. Some of us here are now calling Perry a genius when compared to some of the stuff coming out of Abbott’s mouth.

Abbott very infamously said that “I go to the office, file a lawsuit against Obama, and then go home”. Now it seems, according to an article I read yesterday, he is currently in “cahoots” with Obama with both of them filing the same lawsuits twice – one I don’t remember what it was as I write this, the other against American and US Air airlines merging. I have no opinion on that.

College football starts this coming Saturday, the 31st, and I am so looking forward to it. All of my fave teams, Notre Dame, LSU, Texas Aggies, OK State, Iowa State, Penn State, Oregon, and many more teams are playing their first games that day, so I will be sitting in from of my TV watching college football all day on Saturday. I think there might be a game on Thursday night and Friday night. It seems hot for football, but I know the temperature is not as hot everywhere else as it is here. Well, it’s time to get my thinking cap on and start playing my own winning choices against the local sports writers. Looking forward to it.

I am pretty certain there are other things I have opinions about, or comments about, but I have pretty well covered what is at the top of my mind. Oh yeah, one more thing. A woman politician (R) in Colorado has decided that blacks don’t eat properly, and that that is what is wrong with them. In the same breath, she said when she goes to the southern states, she loves the ribs, fried chicken, and other foods popular down there. She said she eats and eats. But it is not a good diet for them. OK, that sounds a little racist to me – at least she didn’t mention watermelon. So here is my comment about that. I love fried chicken, though I don’t eat it often, I usually roast my chickens, and I love ribs/bar-b-q, and I love watermelon. And as I have been trying to work on my weight and my blood sugar, I have been eating a lot of meats and fruits and veggies, and left off the carbs, except for perhaps a couple of slices of bread (peanut butter and jelly) or a bagel with lemon curd, or a tortilla. I have been eating beans. But no pasta, no white bread or white rice or white potatoes. And I bet this woman, whoever she is, is cramming all those carbs in her own mouth, which means that when she reaches my age, she very likely will have Type II Diabetes, just like I have.

Well, that’s about it for the moment. I’m going to go look at FB for a little , but don’t fret if you don’t see me everyday. I’m pacing myself. I considered getting completely out of politics and letting the younger folk take on all the things I have been working for for fifty years, but it is impossible. Politics has been a part of my life since I was eleven, and I still love it enough to not give it up. I’m just going to pace myself, and spend less time on them, and watch the rest of you.

One last thought: When Paul Byrom had his PBS show, I donated enough money to get the combo pack of DVD/CD. I knew there would be a bit of a wait because Paul decided to see how many orders would be made before he put up the money for recording them. Today I got an email saying mine were being shipped tomorrow from Pennsylvania, so I should have them by the end of the week. Which I may not see right away because of college football, and the NASCAR race on Sunday evening. I’ll write another blog about it once I’ve seen the complete show.

Love to you all,
Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

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Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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2 Responses to August 2013

  1. This week’s item of interest is a newspaper clipping of my 2nd great-grandmother Perthinia Brooks Binns‘ obituary that I found in my great grandmother’s memory book (Privately held by my grandmother, Barbara Smith, Fort Smith, Arkansas). There was no date or name of newspaper written on the clipping, however, I do know that “Pert” died November 3, 1942 in Monticello, Arkansas. According to the Library of Congress’ Catalog, the newspaper in circulation in Monticello at that time was the Advance-Monticellonian (1920-current).

    • carolstepp says:

      Thank you for sharing this. I decided to not call it “spam” and go ahead and approve it for comments I have received. Very interesting, and I’m sure precious to you.

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