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The following are conversations and comments I shared today on Facebook. Only the first paragraph (the one below) is mine. Following that is a comment from a page on Facebook entitled Opinionated Democrat, and the words are hers. The following that is an article written by a man whose name is in the first line. Finally, there are comments made by two people to my copying it to my page. Again, only the first paragraph below is my words: Carol

I think every citizen in the United States should read the Constitution. Every single person who has applied for citizenship is required to read it to get their documents – they have to pass a test. Most born citizens read it only because they are required to in school if they get that far. I found myself reading the Constitution last year when someone told me to in a conversation. I not only read it thoroughly, I learned two things. One was that the person who told me to read it turned out to be wrong; and it sent me back to reading a history of the end of the Civil War because of the rights of the states that had seceded from the Union. They were pretty strict, and both North Carolina and Texas would not sign on to them until 1860, when they finally gave up. It appears to me that both Texas and North Carolina are working hard to get thrown back out. So yes, read the Constitution, learn about voting rights which belong to the Feds, and not individual states. I don’t care if there were only 14 or 15 states when this wonderful document was produced, but to become a state, as well as become a citizen, there are rules and laws that need to be followed. Amendments are to be added only when LIFE itself calls for them – not then, not now, and never, for LIFE STYLES. Freedom belongs to all to live their lives in the STYLE they choose; it is not the Constitution that tells you how to do it.

Opinionated Democrat

Our job as citizens of these United States is to hold our elected representatives accountable. To want to get rid of government is to want to get rid of the foundation that keeps us free and guarantees our rights. We’re not the Corporate States of America, we’re the United States of America. One nation, indivisible. Our goal should be to fix government, not flush it down the toilet.

From another page – copied with permission.

Klay Longstreet To all my fellow Minnesotans / Americans
Please share just want everyone to know YOU PAID TO SHIP JOBS OVERSEAS
John Boehner Ohio’s 8th Congressional District—“asked where are the jobs”
Well it took some doing because you hid them in the dark of night – you pricks outsourced them
Republican control of congress 1995-2006 policies resulted in 2007 world food crisis, 2008 financial crisis, 2003-2009 US rapid decline in employment, greatest separation of wealth in world history and they think this is a good idea.
PUBLIC LAW 108–27—MAY 28, 2003 see page 11 of pdf

The most disturbing part to me is, Did you know that you’re actually paying to ship American jobs overseas? It’s shocking but true. Thanks to a broken tax code that’s rigged in favor of the privileged few, companies actually get a tax break when they ship operations — and American jobs — to other countries. They get a deduction and the rest of us foot the bill.

Asking middle class workers to pay to ship their own jobs overseas?

July 2013– Republicans in the Senate voted almost unanimously to protect these outrageous giveaways to corporations that ship American jobs overseas. The bill got a 56-vote majority, but Republicans used a filibuster to kill it.

The Bring Jobs Home Act

Fran Lawren Absolutely horrible! Did you know that Dubya’s Secretary of Labor from 2001-2009 was Elaine Chao? Who is the daughter of a Chinese billionaire? And that she is married to Bitch McConnell? Why aren’t these facts shouted from the rooftops? Guess who was

Fran Lawren It is wonderful that you are sharing this information, but I’ll be damned if I like the facts as they stand. Sharing.

Cici Mitchell I was in the personnel staffing industry in the early-mid 90s. Dozens of major companies from all over the country were moving their customer service centers and light industrial operations to North Texas. I am fairly certain that the companies were getting local and state tax breaks for being here. New facilities sprang up all over Tarrant, Dallas and Denton counties, huge places,20k- 50k sq. ft. and more. And every single one of them needed workers by the hundreds if not the thousands. These were 24/7/365 operations. I and a few hundred other staffing professionals staffed these places. These were great full-time jobs with starting pay for the call centers averaging $10/hr with benefits to start, jobs that sustained people. Yes, some of the LI jobs paid only minimum wage, but they were full-time and in most cases had benefits. And yes, they were temp-to-hire after 6 weeks. BUT, they were good solid jobs. People were moving into N Texas in waves to take newly created jobs! The domino effect was that the whole economy in N Texas swelled. Good times! Prosperity! … So what the hell happened??? For one thing, technology flourished and that made international/intercontinental communication possible and attractively affordable. Another thing is that corporations are by nature, “bottom-liners”, they are in it for the profit and their business plans are written to maximize profits, period. So… the jobs went overseas where workers could be hired and trained for a fraction of the expense in the US, and they don’t have to pay benefits either, another bottom line savings. What some of us see as greed, others see as wise business practice and they are highly rewarded for saving the company money. And in N Texas,… well we are all witness to what happened then. My story follows along the timeline exactly as Klay says. The jobs started drying up in late 95 and were pretty much skeletal by 1998. It is bitter news for me to swallow to learn that the same damn companies are getting tax breaks to take the work out of the US. So, HELL YES I will support bringing the jobs home! Where do I sign up! Sorry this is such a long comment.

Cici Mitchell I need to rant a little bit more, please. If corporations are considered “people” I want very much to see one or ten of them get knocked up and want to terminate their little branch office. I want to see one or ten of them get raped. That’s harsh, yes rape is harsh and it happens to real people. so corporations should be subject to rape too, being real and all. …ok, that’s it. I’m done ranting.

Fran Lawren Excellent comments, Cici!

Carol Stepp I would like to copy the comments above, with your replies, to my blog page, of course writing before it that they are not my words in any way. Would you two ladies object to my doing so?
Cici Mitchell Of course. Please do! Thank you!

Cici Mitchell I mean I do not object.

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