Back to the Future

What an interesting, and brutal, two weeks we have had, as We the People, Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for all, have all come under attack.

It is time to get rid of all middle-aged, angry, southern, white supremacist white men, and women, from the Supreme Court to the lowliest of the teapublicans and extreme fundamentalists Christians.

How many of you cite the Pledge of Allegiance regularly, and listen to the words as you say them. “I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation (under god) indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all”.

One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all? I think not. We are one of the most divided countries on this planet earth. These days it appears to me that we are half Taliban and half high-minded. Talichristians also seem to be winning battles left and right, but in the future, they will eventually lose the war.

Past: The removal of women’s rights, and the rights of individuals who are not Caucasian.

Future: The world as it will be after the 2014 elections, and years to come.

Let’s start with Voting Rights. When a citizen applies for a voter’s registration card, the rule is to prove their citizenship AT THAT TIME. Now that the Supreme Court has decided to give over its rule over voter’s rights to the various states, those states, particularly southern states, have jumped in and begun to call for photo IDs for every voter. This could be very difficult for people living in poverty, long miles away from a Department of Public Safety, or the state offices that hold your Birth Certificate (and how many women have birth certificates with their current last name -what’s next, pulling up marriage certificates). If they have a registration card, and use it regularly, this is on record as having been legally awarded in the first place. I carry a driver’s license, and a passport and a birth certificate, but then, I won’t have to worry – I am Caucasian, I probably won’t be asked. It is clearly a way for states to try and keep blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and those of Middle Eastern appearance from voting.

Second, how about Immigration Reform. I don’t even know what those two words mean to the politicians. It does appear to me, though, that Mexicans are the ones who are being targeted. Why? Because there is only one border these teapublicans in the House and Senate are building fences on: The US and Mexico. If there are fences between US and Canada, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they were put up by Canadians to keep Americans out. Oh what a laughing stock and nation of ridicule we are to those countries who are many hundreds and thousands of years older than this nation is. Our nation is 237 years old, and so many of its citizens are trying to take it back to the years before we even became a nation. Even American native Indians are being called illegal immigrants again, and famously were not considered human beings with rights by those white folk who escaped from their native countries to escape from religious and political persecution. It would seem to me that those are the very people who believe they are the only ones deserving of what they were seeking when they came here. Lady Liberty has been ashamed for many years.

Women’s Rights: As a woman, of course, this one is truly important to me. Fifty years ago I was out fighting for women’s rights. And now women and men who were not around in the 50s are either not interested, or are so backward and ignorant, they don’t understand what they are doing. World Wars I and II should have taught some lessons to all of these men and women. How many of you remember how it was then. The men went off to war, looking for glory, many leaving behind wives and children to survive on their own, and many women who were not married, and were left to get by as they could. WW II was the last legal war this country fought, and it was for the good of the world. So women, and men who were unable to fight because of physical inabilities, learned how to do without many commodities, had to live with shortages of other commodities (remember sugar?), and who went to work on the war machinery for our fighting men (and women) of those days. Then when the men started coming home five or six years later, they honestly expected their women to be happy to go back to being “happy homemakers, having children, and being utterly useless”. But this was not going to happen again.

Yes, these white men in Congress want it all to be the same way it was before. They went into other “wars”, making sure their own children didn’t have to fight, but having no problem sending young men off to die for their own selfish reasons. And they were not just white, they were black, they were brown, they were red, they were even yellow. Vietnam was the most shameful action ever taken by these old white men, at least until the Iraq action, titled a war by George W. Bush and his regime. That action certainly left this country in a huge financial mess, with the greediest of them pocketing as much money as they can, and helping to make things better for those who they cater to and make wealthier.

Lately, since these old white men in Congress can’t seem to succeed in killing off more youngsters in war, they have taken to degrading women, and trying to take their free lives away from them. Those old white men think it will be better to keep these women pregnant, and out of the workforce if possible, and tied down to their homes. Not all women are interested in having homes to be tied down to. They want to use their educations, to work, to have the American dream.

And we get the anti-abortion, forced-birth bills, under any circumstances that cause women to become pregnant. Rape? Incest? Never mind, they want us pregnant, and having babies. Of course they don’t want to feed those babies, or help out the woman who was forcibly made to have that baby. They don’t want them insured against illness and disabilities they were born with. Hell, even companies won’t carry maternity insurance for those women who work for them. The cost of maternity now is unattainable for most families, but that is not the problem for those old white men.

Speaking of women, and the humiliation these men want to cause them, just this past Friday and Saturday, when women were still rallying in Austin, Texas, their bags were being searched before they were allowed in the gallery, and menstrual materials, like Maxipads and Tampons were being removed from the women’s possession, and were being flashed around to the crowd in an attempt to embarrass those women.

Yeah, you probably heard about it – it went viral on FaceBook as it was happening. The Senate decided those were instruments of harassment, and/or danger, to them, the white men – they were afraid they would have them thrown at them. I suppose every woman should have opened their panties and shown that they were there for personal use. But hey, guns were allowed in. Of course those women who were searched were the ones dressed in orange. I didn’t hear a thing from a woman dressed in blue (presumably on behalf of Mary, the mother of Jesus). BTW, doesn’t the colour blue mean Mary would have been a Democrat? Why else is the colour representing Mary blue?

So the bill got through the Texas Congress, just as it has in many state houses. I suppose the woman’s right to choose is too much liberty and justice for those old white men to tolerate.

We are not giving up. And in many cases, we are going to spread our rallies to include everyone else who has been prejudiced against in the various courts around these un-United States.

And now I come to the final injustice – against poverty. I live in assisted government housing, and I get Medicare and Medicaid, and a small amount of food stamps (SNAP). I live on Social Security from 47 years in the American workforce, and I’m over 65, so Medicare is my insurance, and because the amount of yearly income I live on is well below the poverty level, Medicaid steps in to help cover what my Medicare does not. Medicaid is the plan that will handle the Affordable Care Act, which most of those old white men are against, even as they have government insurance free while they serve, for their families as well. My state of Texas is even refusing to accept more Medicaid. How about yours?

So on Thursday, the US House passed a Farm Subsidies Bill that completely cut out the food stamp/SNAP plan. Some of those subsidies go to Congress members themselves, or their wives, who own farms just to get the money that will keep them from working their farms, make them useless. I announced this to those who were playing Bingo in our twice-monthly Bingo game day. Oh yeah, we the residents pay for household items that are the prizes given for winning. They are paid for by a percentage we get on our drink/snack machines and our laundry machines, which are supplied to our housing village, which we feed during the month. These things include personal products, along with housecleaning items. Always nice to figure out a way to get things one needs, while having a little pleasure at the same time (though I am not sure how many people consider washing clothes a pleasure). We hold a day once a month to celebrate all the special days within that month (except August), and we feed the residents. They are guaranteed one balanced meal a month anyway. Of course, Meals on Wheels supplies some meals to some of the residents (I don’t use that because I can afford decent food), so that is another balanced meal.

Don’t worry; the Senate would never pass it, and even if it did, President Obama will veto that bill.

So what is Congress spending money on? Defense, self-interests, gifts to the wealthy, and the buying of votes. What they are against is anything that will help the majority of We the People – no safety nets against poverty, no food, no medical care, no education, no tax relief for those who need it most, no social security. Seriously, how many of those southern talivangelists really help their poor? How many televangelists share the money they are sent? How many priests are giving up their feasting to give to the poor? Can people live on bread alone?

So here is my call to my readers: share this with everyone you can. Organize yourselves; women, minorities, the poverty-stricken, the un- or under-insured. When groups have organized themselves, work with one another. If you want to be a one-care person, want to work with women but not minorities, with poverty-stricken but not women, or whatever combination you have the interest, and the energy, to work, do so. Help folks who might have a hard time getting documents, offer to take them. Give a few dollars to a politician you think might help you more, who has your interests in mind. I know there are those who care about global warming, the environment, nature, pet projects. Don’t sit and say I don’t have the time, or the energy, or the resources, to do something myself, but I know my neighbor will do things, and I’ll slap him/her on the back. If you don’t do anything, you may someday find yourself without something you need, and no-one to help you. If nothing else, take up a motto of “random acts of kindness”.

At my age, and with arthritic knees that require a walker, I don’t get out and about that much any longer. But I have a computer, and I can talk and write, and I stay in touch with several organizations and groups on FaceBook, and though I live at a below-poverty level, I will do without some things to set aside at least $100 a month, more when I can, and I will be donating regularly to Democratic organizations and candidates who are running against the worst of the teapublicans – at the moment I am eyeing someone to run against John Cornyn and Rick Perry in Texas, where I vote (and thank whatever deity helped Rick Perry realize he was going to lose so he stepped aside), and the woman running against Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. I will be watching for other candidates who run against other people I think need to be taken out of Congress. I am working on a tee shirt (with others) to be sold nationwide with a slogan/graphic, and VTO (Vote Them Out), at base cost, plus a little extra – money which would be marked for various campaigns in each state that buys, and that would be given to those worthy of backing, for the liberal sides, or at least against the teapublicans. Each state will have someone who will take that job on.

We may not be the Koch Brothers, or Adelson, or others we know who donated millions to the teapublicans, but there are a lot more of us, and $10 a month from millions of us who fit in the undesired categories can equal the money given the weathiest donors to those we don’t want to win.

Join in and save this country from those who would choose to hurt it.

We’ve only just begun.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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2 Responses to Back to the Future

  1. boyzmaa says:

    Brilliant, comprehensive, heartfelt! Thank you, Carol. I will be sharing this as widely as I can.

    • carolstepp says:

      Thank you. A friend told me it is a rant, and I guess it could be seen that way. However, I really do try to be plain and clear, and just try to give facts. We need to change this country.

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