White vs black

I posted the following to my page, and all my group pages, today. Fundamentalists talk louder than liberals. And maybe moderates should raise their voices.

Here is what I want to comment on today. Now everybody who is familiar with me knows I am not a racist. I am colour-blind, tolerant of any and all peoples, and a compassionate ultra-liberal Socialist Democrat.

Seeing the title of this post, you may then wonder what I am trying to say, wondering if I really do see a versus between whites and blacks. And the reply is no. However, what I am seeing on Facebook, and elsewhere, these days is that folks are sending out some inappropriate pictures and comments that are not going to get what you are trying to say across.

Yesterday, there was a photo of two men kissing, next to a photo of little black kids, obviously Africans, who are starving to death. The caption said something about getting your priorities straight. The reason this photo will not impress the hostile racist whites is because they don’t give a damn if those black African children die. They are most likely to simply see the photo of the two white guys kissing.

Another photo making the rounds is one of black African women, a photo made famous while Hilary Clinton was in Africa, dancing with the black women, and was talking about how much power women have. But white racists are not going to pay attention to that photo. They are not interested in what black women in Africa are doing.

No, the photos that might open white racist eyes would be a photo of a white racist standing with a gun, or knife, or Confederate flag next to a photo of white children, perhaps white children of Appalachia, or the inner cities of say Atlanta, Charleston, Birmingham, or New Orleans starving. They are not going to look away from that photo. They may even wonder why they care so much about the NRA, which has monstrous amounts of money who are not giving money to programs that would help those starving white children. Another thought would be a group of women, maybe blondes with suits on, up against a photo of fat CEOs, with a listing of their annual salaries. Even white gun nuts might wonder why the wealth isn’t spread around among their own kinds.

We should certainly be made aware that while these white tea-party types are yelling about women’s reproductive rights, the Affordable Care Act, abortion, religious rights, and other things they are so concerned about, if you show them in comparison with white children and elderly people who are obviously ill, going hungry, being beaten, sleeping in the streets, young girls hanging out on street corners trying to solicit sex (you will recognize the type), white boys fighting white boys and white girls fighting white girls, bullying among whites, perhaps then you will get their attention.

Rather than being silent in front of these white haters, waiting for someone else to do or say something, or walking round in a supplemental pose just hoping someone will feel sorry for you, speak out. Get brave, quit worrying about what might happen to you, and speak out. Loudly. Form groups to go out and make noise. Be heard in whatever capacity you can. I write what I see and want to fix, either on this blog or on FaceBook. Perhaps I should take my 72yo body out with my walker and show youth how to do it. It is difficult to get around, and I have done my share of marching and sitting-in and protesting in other ways through my life, and I don’t expect to live much more than 10-15-20 years longer. But you have to stand up and be heard. You have to show them pictures of their own kind suffering under their own kind. You will not get their attention using non-whites because they are not interested. Perhaps the occasional black who allies him/herself with these white racists will suddenly realize we are no longer using blacks to make our points.

Certainly we don’t want white racists in our politics. But as long as we have them, we need to fight back with their own people, with the colour of skin they will actually look at.

If your representative is a moderate Republican, even if you know they will vote Republican most of the time, talk them him/her about speaking out against those tea-party-types in Congress. Stand up to them if you believe the Democrats have put forth a bill that will help all citizens of this country. They seem to be afraid to go against their own kind because they might lose votes.

Personally, I think people like Texas’ own John Cornyn, and his equals in other states, don’t actually care about what is going on in Congress. I think there are far too many politicians who looked around, decided they didn’t want to work for a living, and decided to run for office. Easy dollars, and if they don’t want to actually do anything to earn their money (and good health care), they are seeing that as long as they stand behind the tea-partiers, and vote with them, while they do all the dirty work, they will continue to run for office, and they will continue to win because they know their constituents will vote for them because all these white racists who elected them believe they are actually doing something to earn their very-easy gotten money. As a member of Congress, if you don’t have enough money, all you have to do is make a motion for another raise, or a better change, and to hell with what the Constitution says. If your Congressperson is not one to speak out against the breaking of those laws, then you and he/she deserve what you get. Of course, the rest of us also have to live with this malfeasance.

So think about the best way to defeat them. And don’t do it in such a way as to make you personally keep looking good. Throw their own meanness back at them, and we can begin to change how things are done in this beautiful, welcoming country of ours. Quit embarrassing Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam. Thanks.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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3 Responses to White vs black

  1. “Racist White Teen Girls Goes On A Rant About Blacks” (2012) is a YouTube video by two well-to-do white girls from Gainesville, Florida in which they give their racist opinions about black people. No mere slip of the lip, they hold forth for 14 minutes, even correcting commenters who disagree with their racist views.

    • Craig Berlin says:

      I recall seeing that when it caused a stir some time ago. I seem to remember they were amazingly classless and stupid and hardly worth “raising awareness” about IMHO.

  2. I know that white approval addiction is catching in black people who deep down believe all the negative things that are reported in the media, maybe because it’s easier than learning the truth, maybe because it’s convenient, or maybe because the fight for liberation is too much work. Since we don’t have the strength to find out all the hidden truths about ourselves, we weakly just accept not knowing. Then we overreact to every stupid thing white racists say. We allow ourselves to be manipulated by everyone, turned this way and that way, raging all the while.

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