Middle-Aged Angry White Men

You know, we live in a world of chaos, with people running around trying to frighten us out of our lives, and gun lovers wanting unrestricted use of all kinds of machines used specifically to kill people, and men and women beating on one another, and anger everywhere, as groups of people try to make everyone else to love the values they , want.

This causes a lot of turmoil in everyone’s life, and hatred stress and just plain old anger. And the angriest of all are the middle-aged white men.

There is a reason for this. For centuries, men have had the most power. In ancient times, women had equal power, in the home, in battle, in owning land. Then men in early Medieval times started putting women in lower classes, imprisoning them in the homes, taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and children. This lasted for many years. Even kings believed women chose the sex of their children, and famously beheaded or divorced women who did not give them sons. Racial problems did not seem to exist because there was not much traveling, and races seemed to congregate in their own places.

Then in the early 19th century things started to change. First came the United States of America. Owning slaves became a status symbol for the white man. Women were still chattels, as they had been for centuries. But midway though the century, people started questioning slavery. We had a Civil War (which is, of course, an oxymoron). Men went off to fight their glorious wars, and women learned how to run the farm, as well as the home. Many men did not come home, and women were forced to take charge. Black people got their freedom, but no one knew what to do with them once they were given their freedom. So not many of them prospered, unless they joined up with carpetbaggers, the white men who were out to make as much money as they could for themselves in the renewal of the laws of the land.

Late in the century, after women came into their own forcibly, they started clamouring for the vote. Not all women wanted the responsibility of voting – they wanted things to stay as they had been with men retaining all the responsibilities.

Negroes won the right to vote, and women won the right to vote, and men went off to their wars again. World Wars I and II, and once again women took over on the home front. After WW II, when the men started coming home again, black men who had fought in the war found they still had few rights for work and buying homes, and women were once again relegated to the kitchens and their children.

But this time women and black folks didn’t accept the return to the status. A president was killed, Vietnam got hot, and women refused to take a back seat any longer. The white men who were used to sitting in bars drinking their Schlitz, their Falstaff, their Lone Star, their Jax, suddenly discovered women were drinking beside them. Women were standing up against these men, refusing to be sexual slaves. More and more women joined the work force, and simply said they were no longer going to be relegated to being a man’s slave in a home, away from life. In the 60s, Negroes/blacks really came into their own as well. They knew that if they had to fight in that nasty Southwest Asian country, they had the rights to everything else that had been relegated to white men up until then.

They sat at lunch counters, they went into the same bars, shopped in the same stores, drank out of the same water fountains, went to the same schools. The country started filling up with Asians who began fleeing the warp-torn countries of the Asian front.

White men, mostly in the South by now, started fighting even harder to keep their superiority. They didn’t find so many bottle blondes in the bars plotting to find themselves husbands that they would have to swear to obey. Christian churches started trying to keep women as second-class citizens, and were determined to keep marriage and child-rearing as it had always been.

So the white men of those years have now grown up to be middle-aged, and are angry because they have lost their places as most powerful. As we have seen lately, the people who want their guns left alone are exactly these angry middle-aged white men. I suppose it really is true that most of these men see guns as an arm of their superior masculinity – perhaps they feel like their penises have shrunk, and the gun is an extension of that. Because they feel emasculated by women, and replaced by men of other colours. One cannot help but look at history and understand that this would come out of that. These white men probably do feel like they have to fight for their places, instead of accepting what has happened on the road to making the world a better place for everyone.

This is why I often say, the only way the world is going to change and everyone be able to happy with their roles in this new world is for my generation, and a large part of the generation after mine to die off. My granddaughters generation will be the first generation to have been born after all of the women’s and racial movements, and life as it should be will be more natural to them. If there remain white angry white men, white supremacists, and the like, it will be a small minority, mainly those boys who were raised by these middle-aged angry white men of today. And I think they will be much easier to teach that life is no longer as it was for white men through the ages. And they might actually find themselves in a better, kinder, more compassionate tolerant world.

I sure hope so, because if that doesn’t happen, I think a lot of folks are going to die in continuing needless wars, and perhaps even destroy their home world next time around.

Think about it.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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2 Responses to Middle-Aged Angry White Men

  1. Bill says:

    Wow a lot for an old white man to absorb this Sunday morning.I see the thread that connects the thinking of “the angry white man”. However, what our kids are learning today worries me even more . As they step up to take over their tiny minds have to endure the greatest threat as it enters the home…old fashionTV. I realize I’m old school and the kids today have their choice of entertainment and programs to occupy the mind but man who writes this crap.
    As far as women. I love them respect them and feel they should be in charge. Afterall can they do any worse then men. O BTW this old white man hears the coffee pot a calling. Dang! my grandfather would have just had Olivia fetch it!

  2. carolstepp says:

    Reblogged this on carolstepp and commented:

    This blog seems to be getting a lot of new readings lately, so I thought I would reblog it and add some thoughts. Because there is so much idiocy coming along with it now. The things men are trying to tell us about how women’s inner workings are, replacing hymens, swallowing cameras in the hope they will go into our wombs and take pictures, wondering why a woman does not have to have a DNA test to prove a baby is hers, the body being able to ignore rape and not get pregnant because of it.

    And women are falling in with these men and saying lots of crazy things about women being subject to the men. And men saying women wouldn’t have so many problems with wages if they would just find a husband. Hey, fellows, I had two, and they did nothing for me, not even when I had a couple of children. Oh yeah, got tired of their cheating on me as well.

    And now these middle aged angry white men are trying to shove their own religious beliefs on the rest of us. The women are quite as bad. So here is what is going to happen, unless we stop what is happening. These Republican conservative talichristians are going to maybe get close to their wishes of dominionism. When, or if, that happens, we are going to have Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Church of Christ, Seventh Day Adventists (hey, there is the answer to the insurance problem), Mormons, Pentecostals, Lutherans, Episcopalians, etc. etc. etc., and not leaving out the Catholic church, all arguing about which denomination should have the power. So here is my answer to solving this.

    Get your own Civil War (there is that oxymoron again) going, you who somehow think guns and religion work well together, and start shooting one another. Get all the gun-toters involved, and have a real shoot-out. I, along with my friends who think this is utterly ridiculous, will step back into a safe place. Then when you have all killed one another off, we sane and compassionate folks will come out and take this country back to the glorious place it was intended to be.

    Waiting for your rapture? I hope it comes soon so you call all rise up into the sky and leave us who are sane to fix the earth. Including saving it from the trash most of you have made out of it.

    added this 24th day of April 2015.

    All of my posts are eligible for copying and posting, as long as words are not changed, and I am given credit.

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