Politics as usual

I have written little about politics these days, mostly because I have stayed away from them qutie a lot. I cannot help but keep up some with them simply because politics is part of my core being, and I cannot possibly ever leave them behind.

Watching Washington, and knowing that Barack Obama has to fight a Congress as against him as Franklin D. Roosevelt did in the last 30s-early 40s, has caused me to do a lot of reading lately about World War II, from the beginning when Hitler was an admired little Austrian to the events that led the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, thus bringing America into the war, and Hitler’s bad decision to declare was against the US shortly thereafter, has caused me to see that the military question, the sequester question, the refusal of many of the politicians elected last year who refuse to get off their opinions that do not match the majority of the people they are supposed to be serving, and their tendency to keep saying “no” to the matters that are important – well, I think we are heading for another World War, perhaps within a year. I am booed by folks I chat with that a year is too short a time, although not one of them has disagreed that we will eventually end up in another world war.

Perhaps many of you/them see so many wars between separate nations, or internal strife in separate countries, or just simply don’t see a bigger picture. It is just that educating myself on the second world war causes me to see a great deal of similar movements among the nations. Last night I learned that there is a new book out titled Those Angry Days, just being released, by a writer named Lynn Olson, that is about the things happening in this country during those early days. It almost seems like Lynn has written a book I have been thinking about writing, but I have to read it first. I may have more comment about the Jewish question than she has.

I am just amazed that the world blew off what was happening to the Jews in Hitler’s Europe, and see what is occurring with Jewish leaders in this country today. Now I don’t know that another war will ever be fought over Jews, I doubt it, but I think Jewish leaders, who have never forgiven the part the world played in blowing off their problems (indeed, a lot of Jews blew it off as well, as they simply could, or would, not believe it could really happen to them), but perhaps Islamists will be the next victims. I think the war on women in this country may be conservatives trying to keep any other news that affects other peoples out of the news so we are not thinking about it.

So many silly things going on here to keep us immersed in our own problems, and not seeing what is really happening outside of our (the US) own interests. Not mine. I sit back and laugh at the three Republican Reps who suddenly see their own airfields, and their own military bases, and their own elderly/disabled/poor constituencies are being affected, and they are thinking their “yes” votes on the sequester were not good ones. I am also at present doing some computer politicking against Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn.

No doubt I will be getting more and more involved, and there will be blogs again, as we get closer to 2014. For the moment, I am trying to not get as involved as I was last year for Obama, but I don’t think this laying out is going to last very much longer. I just cannot keep my mouth shut for very long when I see things happening to the downtrodden – I have been an advocate for them for way too long to ignore what is going on for very long.

I do, though, see us going back to war. The wealthy want it (they get wealthier), the infrastructure will be worked on (must move those war machines quickly), the enemployed know they will get work because the war machine will require labour, and next time around, you can bet the USA will not be left out of the damage. The machines are worse, and will kill a whole lot more people, and perhaps if the US ever felt the destruction that happened to Japan and Europe and norther Africa and the South Pacifics countries, they will better care about what war really does to people and lands and cities. Sadly, I think it will take that to stop the war-mongers from calling for war, war, war. And I predict that if there is another world war, the countries who will come out on top will be China and Arab-speaking societies.

I’m 72 – if I’m lucky I will live a few more years, perhaps as many as 20 – and I will miss the slaughter. But I think I’m looking through rose-coloured glasses with that wish. I do think I will live to see destruction again, and it will be very, very soon – much sooner than most want to believe. Americans have a way of ignoring anything they don’t want to have to think about.

Wow, from an upper to a downer. I’m in fine form today.

Maybe I’ll have another blog in me tomorrow that will be a happier one.

Carol Stepp
Austin, TX

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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1 Response to Politics as usual

  1. Bill says:

    Well I believe we are headed for another conflict. I’m not sure it will be a world war but war is war. As for our economy we are a war-time economy. America does best when we have a
    conflict in the world

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