Hurricane Sandy

I just posted the following on my FaceBook, and in my political group.  I thought I would share it here.
OK, this storm, with blizzards as well as terrible winds and water surges is pretty bad, and it was just a Category One, because the winds were only up to 90 mph, with wind gusts up to 110 mph. The damage is mostly because of the water surges, in Delaware Bay, the Chesapeake, Long Island Sound, the Connecticut River (CT is in terrible shape), and the open water into the East and Hudson Rivers of New York State. There is a lot of water in that area. The Potomac River in Washington DC, although DC seems to have missed a severe blow. Now I can say that maybe God/dess spared DC because it likes President Obama, and that it ravaged Atlantic City because it hates Donald Trump. But this October surprise also hurt a lot of regular folks, and I don’t believe in a God/dess that would do such a thing on purpose, or for politics. I do believe, though, that maybe it was done to try and convince the nay-sayers that global-warming is a true problem, otherwise,
why would a hurricane cause a blizzard. A hurricane is made up from warm water from the Gulf, or areas around the Equator, and the Gulf Stream. Yet by going up towards the Northeast, this late in the season, it was filled with cold air – those TV folks were freezing – and we got a blizzard in the heart of West Virginia. Now it has gone up and is pounding Chicago, at the foot of Lake Michigan, and probably Cleveland on Lake Erie, and I don’t know how bad it is. There were huge amounts of rain, which got cold, and not that hard a wind. All those homes burning in places like Greenwich, CT, and Queens, NY, were devastating because of the amount of water. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the Holland Tunnel was remaining open, then I later heard it was filled with water. Politically, what I did see here was Obama staying at his desk (he was suppose to tour NJ with Christie this afternoon), cancelling his political campaign, Trump getting wiped out, at least in Atlantic City, which should keep him busy for a few days, the NY Stock Exchange closed for two days (which could be a financial problem for some), and Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg talking out of the other side of their faces in favour of Obama, and the help. He has already declared disaster funds for eight states. Anyway, I think we’ve seen the October Surprise, and will be watching the aftermath for the next seven days.


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