A Series of Comments I wrote in my FaceBook over the past few days

One other thing, I have been advised (or ordered) to read the Constitution. I spent quite a lot of commercials over the weekend reading the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments) and caught up with a few things that I hadn’t studied since 1955, depending on a sometimes faulty memory. Some of the Articles in the Constitution sent me back to reading what happened historically during and after the War Between the States, particularly as to States Rights, and even more particularly, for those eleven states which seceded, and then wanted to come back. But States Rights are different than some wanted me to believe, and since another person tried to tell me that there is no “right to vote” in the Constitution, well I found at least three separate references to “right to vote”, in those words. I know that the words “separation of church and state” do not appear in the Constitution, but the wording pretty much spells that out without using the exact words. And “right to bear arms” is only half of that Amendment. I plan to write a blog about it next week. As well, I met a cool new band on Friday night, and I plan to write a blog about them as well.

So lots to think about this week, and I will see you when I see you. But I expect to devote most of my week to this final week of the Olympics.

Just stopped in today to see what is going on, and wanted to say a couple of things. I thought Andrea did a good job of replying to the ad by Obama, when she said if the man had only lived in Massachusetts. I was utterly astounded at Ann Coulter’s reaction. I don’t like Ann Coulter anyway, but she was utterly over the top when she said Romney should fire her immediately. It is sad when telling the truth gets such a reaction from the tea partiers. Utterly ridiculous. Anyway, while Mitt the Nitwit is looking for a VP, he might look at her – she certainly would back him, and the tea partiers would drool. So would the Democrats, for that, as we know that would be a ticket that would not get him very many votes. Sort of like Paul Ryan, or Michelle Bachman. This campaign gets a little more ridiculous everyday.
As for the ad itself, I’m not giving my approval of it, but then, neither did Barack Obama. As for using this, well Rick Perry used one of about the same sense in his run against Bill White for Texas Governor – also a lie – but he put it out a short time before the election so Bill White did not have the ability to fight back. Politics is dirty – I know that – and even my own party can fight dirty. But as long as Barack Obama did not say “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve of this ad”, let the PACS do whatever they want. I also know the people listen to the ads and don’t often check them out. Lord knows Romney’s PACS are not any more moral, and to see them bitching about it out loud, on the air, just shows the hypocrisy of their side.

Gabby Douglas is a beauty, and well-deserving of her gold all-around gymnast medal. Unfortunately, the tea partiers have attacked her for wearing a pink suit, instead of red, white and blue, which is the colours others nations, with the same colours in their flags, are wearing. Her team jacket is red, white, and blue, and wearing pink to do her all-around contest was perfectly fine with me. I know what the real reason is. Also, her peers, I don’t give a damn how she wears her hair – the point is to get it out of her face. Have you not seen her in civvies? She is a cute girl, and she has a million-dollar smile. Say congratulations for her win, and quit trying to find a way to tear her down. Get real, folks.

Some people make me itch. Negative-thinkers are one kind. Another is someone who criticizes anyone for a minor issue when they have accomplished something really big. People who lie to me make me itch.

One final thought before I go away again for the Olympics. This Ted Cruz, the tea party candidate who was chosen over David Dewhurst (and I am somewhat happy about that because I cannot stand David Dewhurst, and I think Sadler can beat Cruz in November) is already being touted, in some circles, as a future presidential candidate. But his father was born in Cuba, his mother in Delaware, and he was born in Canada. There are some tea partiers who are saying he has citizenship because his mother was born in the US. Hey, tea partiers, doesn’t that mean that all the birther stuff about Obama is wrong? Whatever you believe about his birth, perhaps because his father was Kenyan, and there are some people who just don’t understand that Hawaii is a state, his mother was born in Kansas. So doesn’t that work the same way you are saying Cruz would? So even those who believe (stubbornly) that Obama was born in Kenya (which he wasn’t – he was born in Hawaii after it became a state), should understand that if his mother was born in the US, then he has the right to be president, just like some folks believe Cruz does (even though he was born in Canada).
You know, one thing I am getting from really going through the Constitution is the perverse meanings some people are trying to put on the various articles and amendments, just to have their way. It took 13 years to get the Constitution written and accepted. I wonder how long it would take to get a new one written, not that I want a new one written, but hate-based white supremacy militias are being included in the whole second amendment about guns and militias, and I think that is sick thinking, and not what the original writers/ratifiers intended.
Not only that, in the fight over states rights compared to US rights, the south, after the Civil War, tried very hard, before ratifying the 15th amendment, to get England to recognize them as a separate nation on their own – a nation they had just fought for freedom from some 89 years earlier. They were ignored, and starting with Tennessee, and ending with Texas and two other states, in 1870, they came around to ratifying the 15th amendment to get their statehood back. Seems to me there are still folks who want to be separate, but then decide they cannot do without Federal money entirely.

Olympics were over an hour early, so I thought I’d come share something I learned last night (kept up with politics through switching through commercials and watching all news networks, including Fox (gag)).
Voter suppression:
Ohio is giving late night and weekend early voting to Republican-learning counties, and giving only 8-5 M-F to Democratic-leaning counties. Ohio’s counties are apparently evenly distributed between Repub and Democrats, but the cities, which are mostly Democratic-leaning are where most of the minorities live. Those include Cleveland, Akron, and the capital city, Columbus. I’m not sure where Cincinnati fits – perhaps someone can share that with me. But this goes completely against the Voting Rights Act, proposed February 26, 1869, and ratified March 30, 1870.
Amendment 13, Abolishment of Slavery, was proposed January 31, 1865, ratified by Congress December 18, 1865, and gave citizenship rights to Negroes (slaves).
Amendment 14, proposed on June 13, 1866, ratified by Congress July 28, 1868, lined out the rights of all citizens, including voting rights.
Amendment 15 gave voting rights to ALL MEN age 21 and up.
Amendment 19, proposed June 4, 1919, ratified by Congress August 26, 1920, gave women the right to vote.
And Amendment 26, the last amendment to the present constitution, gave the right to vote to 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds.

In the case of allowing states that seceded for the Civil War to come back in, Tennessee was the first state to be accepted when it ratified the Civil Rights act of June 13, 1868.
Ratification of Amendment 14 allowed Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama back in.
Texas, Mississippi, and Virginia were readmitted in 1870 when they ratified the 15th Amendment.

And for the person who said that “right to vote” is not in the Constitution, it appears four times: in Amendments 15, 19, 24, and 26 (the one that got rid of poll taxes.

In all four cases, the wording is “The RIGHT for all citizens of the United States of America TO VOTE……………”.

I hope our justices know the Constitution as well as I am getting to know it.

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