Republican Convention

I noticed one of the search terms used on my stats page was “can somebody else be nominated at the Republican convention”.  The answer is yes, though it is unlikely to happen.  But there are reasons why Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich have not ceded their delegates to anyone.

Think of the chaos (and the convention will probably be filled with chaos anyway) if someone nominated a totally different person than Mitt Romney.  Think about all the money he has received, and how much money he has spent on advertising.  Think about the unhappy people who are giving him money (like Grover Norquist and Karl Rove) who are looking forward to having Romney win (which he won’t), whom they already know they can control.

I’m probably going to watch the convention just to see what is going to happen.  I know Romney is not popular with women, blacks, Latinos, gays, young people, seniors – that his biggest fan base is tea partiers and white middle-aged men.  I wonder if it will be as rancorous as the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago (or maybe it was Detroit).

Should be interesting, and perhaps very entertaining.

Just so you know, I’ll also be watching the Democratic Convention, for Obama, of course, but also to see if there is any fall-out for its being held in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX


About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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