Politics, and Mitt Romney’s two sides

I got some very interesting information from my usual political TV fare yesterday.

First, corporations and individuals are making some high dollar donations to Republican causes without being identified.  The Koch Brothers, whose products we can boycott, do not like that their names are known.  This is probably why most of the people don’t want to be known.  We might boycott their products.  Also, I have to wonder how many of these “corporations” are cover names for out-of-country folks who want to try and influence our elections.  Very scary thought that perhaps al-Qaeda, the Saudis, or other radical groups might be having a say in our government.  Anyway, we do know the Koch Brothers names, so here is a list of products they have their money in, which we can boycott, and perhaps hurt them in their pocketbooks:

Angel Soft toilet paper; Brawny paper towels; Dixie (cups, plates, etc.); Mardi Gras napkins and towels.; Quilted Northern toilet paper; Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper; Sparkle napkins; Vanity Fair napkins; ZEE napkins.

Don’t know if any of you caught Michelle Obama double-dutch jump roping on Kelly yesterday.  Quite good, she was.  I want Obama re-elected as much to keep Michelle as the First Lady as anything else, though I definitely think he is much better for this country than Mitt.  And I doubt we would find as good a first lady in Ann Romney as we have now.

In a debate, Mitt Romney said he would deport the children of illegal immigrants, children who had no choice over coming with their parents.  Many of these children have gotten college educations and served in the military.  Obama’s new act (Dream Act) on Friday gave amnesty to these children, children who were younger than 16 when their parents brought them in.  The act applied only to children who have been here at least five years, so it will not be seen as an open invitation to suddenly have a rush of illegals with their children, as some radical right-wingers have tried to imply.

When Romney was aked on Face The Nation on Sunday, by Bob Schieffer, if he (Romney) would “overturn the order”, Mitt skirted the question, refusing to answer the question at least five times.

Before he got the delegates to be nominated, he did not care about Hispanic voters.  Now he is aware that he has alienated these voters, and is trying to gain them back.

Bill Kristol, a right-wing Republican talking head, said in a recorded interview, that Obama did correctly, and this was a big problem for Romney.  This was also said by one of the FOX News talking heads, and also George Will, another prominent Republican.

It is being said that Independent voters may stay away from voting – it is possible there are Republicans who won’t vote because they won’t vote for Obama, and don’t want to vote for Romney.  I did that myself in 1964 – I wouldn’t vote for LBJ, and I couldn’t vote for Barry Goldwater.  That was my first chance to vote in a presidential election, and the only one in which I did not vote.

I wonder what will happen at the Republican convention.  Will Romney actually win the nomination, or will more radical Republicans choose someone else?  This year’s Republican convention may be as raucous as the Democratic convention was in 1968.  And now the pundits are saying what I have said for quite some time:  Romney has said what he needed to say in order to get the nomination.  But he is refusing to answer questions about what he would do if elected, and I have felt for awhile he would reverse a number of things he has said once he got the actual nomination.  He will not answer specific questions about women in the workforce, fair wages, and when asked where he plans to get revenue, replied “if I tell you, people won’t like it” (yes, he really did say this, there is film), but we all know he has signed onto the Ryan budget.  He wants to privatise everything, especially Medicare.

That might get him some voters, if they believe this, but I would certainly never trust anyone who I believe is lying now just because s/he wants a job.

Romney would not run his office – he would just be a figurehead, with an important job title.

I read something a Facebook friend wrote yesterday that I had never thought about before:  you can’t have “believe” with “lie”.

Also on Face the Nation, Mitt Romney was already threatening Iran with war if he becomes president.

So what would be have with a Romney presidency?  no alcohol, no coffee, no caffeine drinks (all in the White House); Ann Romney as First Lady, a woman who sadly is suffering from the onset of Multiple Sclerosis; less money for programs for the neediest people; privatised Medicare.  These are just the things that come immediately to mind.  Mitt Romney cares only about his faith, his family, and his business.  He is available to the highest bidder.  He will be managed by Grover Norquist and the radical christian right.

According to the Austin American-Statesman of June 18, 2012, the GOP is not in a rush to write new health care laws.  “……….nearly two years later (after Obamacare put into place), they (GOP) express no urgency to replace a law drafted by Democrats, and one they hope the Supreme Court will kill, with a different one of their own.”

So the question is:  Who is Mitt Romney”?

Howard Dean, in an interview on MSNBC, said most of the hatred for Obama is racism, but some of it is greed.  Mitch McConnell and his cronies care only about themselves – not the country.  This has been seen in their refusal to say yes to anything Barack Obama has proposed, the worst of which is the jobs bill.  I say this is treason, and I sincerely hope these people are not going to be re-elected.  Even non-radical Republicans disagree with these greedy people, who put themselves and their pockets ahead of the good of the American people.

Well, I hope this is not too jumpy around.  I was taking notes as I watched through five programs last night on MSNBC, and I hope I got most of the things together that were about the same subject.  All I have left to say is that I really hope people won’t believe the lies, and will really look at what is truly happening on the campaign trails.  If you don’t like Romney, and you really hate Obama, please just stay home on election day.  Let the people who really care about the country, and don’t judge a man by his skin, to make the choices.  I don’t want to wake up to a Mitt Romney presidency and know it is just because racism and greed were stronger than the good of the country.

Mitt Romney is not good for the country.  He really only wants the title of president, and none of the responsibility.

Obama 2012.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX

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Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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2 Responses to Politics, and Mitt Romney’s two sides

  1. Its sad when you have to choose between Romney or Obama. Republican or Democrat. They are one in the same…

    • carolstepp says:

      But I do like Barack Obama. He has been targeted since the night he was inaugurated by the dirty four or five (Boehner, O’Connell, Cantor, Kyle, Gingrich, and several others all were at a dinner just a few blocks from the inaugural party) to be limited to one term. These people did not care anything about the people who voted for him. I believe it is racism. Obama disappointed me when he tried too hard for bipartisanship at the beginning, and did not get things done when he had both sides of the house, and since 2010, he has had to fight a republican house which cannot say anything but no. There is a post going around that says if Obama came out for oxygen, the republicans would suffocate. But I see many things happening now that should have happened earlier, and I fully intend to vote for Obama in 2012, and happily so. I think it is the repubs who have a problem, and I think many of them will simply stay away from the polls, unless their hatred for Obama is so great, because he is a half-black man, that they will vote for Romney simply out of spite.
      I am happy that Angus Miller(?-not sure if I have the last name quite right) is ahead in the polls in Maine, and if he is as good as I think he is, he may be a future candidate for president. Since he is pure independent – won’t identify himself with either party – you might have a third choice in 2016.

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