Royal Pains Season 4

Okay, so we are only two episodes into this season.  No doubt there will be some surprises coming up that I won’t see coming.  But so much has already happened that I am going to make a few comments going in.

Evan still does not understand the idea of medicine.  He is the CEO of the “big” health care company that really does not care what happens to the patients unless he 1) has a personal interest in the person, and 2) gets as much money out of them as you can.  Thus the young lady who wants a CT (cat scan) no matter what the first doctor says.  At least she was ignorant enough to think having the scan caused her more problems, and brought Hank back into the picture when she really did start having problems.

Of course we see Hank trying to get more patients, even though we learned earlier that he was not very good at hustling – he is the man who will take care of the patients as long as someone brings them to him.  Knowing how in real life doctors often have more patients than they can sometimes handle, this makes one wonder if he shouldn’t just open an office.  But he would rather be a concierge doctor.

Since the brothers split up (and I, for one, am glad because I really don’t like Evan anyway), I am waiting for Boris to come back and maybe throw Evan out of the house Hank is renting in return for being Boris’ in-house doctor.  Boris never liked Evan anyway.  As for Divya, I think she belongs with Hank in the business, but perhaps last night, when she said she would go 50-50 with them, it is simply her way of using both brothers to replace that family she doesn’t have any longer.  I am waiting to find out what her dad and mother think about Raj having a new, pregnant girlfriend.  And are we suppose to think that Raj and the new girl are married, tacitly?  Or is she pregnant and they are unmarried.  Interesting thought against the whole proper India style of living.

Finally, Jill.  I had a feeling that somehow her moving to Uganda was not going to work out.  The way it played out, it brings up the interesting thought that now, she and Hank will come to some sort of living arrangements (I doubt it will be marriage at first – I’m sure if Jill if the kind of woman I think she is, it would insult her to have Hank ask her to marry him immediately).  But I see her moving in with him, and becoming his partner, because she can get the business he so desperately needs right now.  It would be a good match-up, and I don’t see much else going on in his romantic life.  Of course, we don’t see everything that happens – we already know from seasons past that Hank has quite a few patients.  But dividing them into the business and personal patients is definitely giving Hank the worst of the deal.  And that brings Boris back into the picture.  Isn’t Boris a business patient?  I doubt Boris will see it that way.  He will want Hank as his doctor.

I also think Evan should drop the HankMed 2.0 behind since it was named after Hank.  But since Hank didn’t mind, I probably shouldn’t.  Also, Evan has the phone number, which means Hank now has to notify all of his personal patients of the new number.

I wonder if Divya working half-time with Evan and his doctors will bring us a romance between her and the doctor she went out with last year (sorry, I don’t remember his name right now – probably a sign of his unimportance to me at the moment).

Well, it looks to be an interesting season, and I still consider it the best program on television, followed pretty closely by Leverage, which should be coming back soon too.

What do you think?

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX

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Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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