This political season

I have never, in all my 71 years, seen as much split between people in this country as I am seeing today.  I have never seen as many sheep as there are – people who listen to the lies being told, outright, and the racism that I see in the arguments against Barack Obama.

His opponents are saying that the bail-outs and the incentive checks are not working.  I got only one incentive check, and that was from GWB, and no, I did not use it for anything except to take stuff out of the pawn shop so I could put it back in to pay for groceries.  I did not get one under Obama – I didn’t fit the profile.  But there is proof now that that incentive did work – that it did help some people pay off some of their debt, and helped them to buy things they needed.

I think the bail-out of the banks was a horrific thing.  Because the bankers have not changed their ways, and they are still getting money off the less fortunate who happen to have their accounts in their banks.  Not only that, since the government made it mandatory that our social security checks go directly to a bank, or other electronic banker-type system, we have no choice but to put our money in something that can be used by the system.  I’m okay with that – I already had direct deposit, and after a fuss with my bank, my money situation is a lot better than it was.  At least I am getting the use of my own money in almost every way.

I do think the bail-out of the automobile companies was a blessing.  Again, it has been proven, and there are places to see this, that show over a million jobs were saved, the auto industry is doing well, and the money is being paid back to the government, with interest.  How many banks do you know of that are actually paying back what they got.

Mortgage companies?  Since I don’t own a home, and never had, I admit I don’t know as much about that as I should.  But it does seem that we hear much less about people losing their homes under the Obama Administration than we did under the Republicans.

Mitt Romney is lying when he says Obama has never done anything for the economy, or to help the job market.  Yet everyday we learn about another company that has started up and is doing well, if not spectacularly, under this Administration.  And the figures are available to prove this.  My worry is that people are listening to Romney and are not checking up on what he is saying, and I blame that on the fact that many people simply do not like Barack Obama because of his skin colour, and will listen to and believe anything they hear against him.  As for Mitt saying Obama has never come up with a jobs plan, that is full-out a lie.  Barack Obama put forth a jobs bill last fall that would have helped set up work on the infrastructure, as I wrote about in a previous blog, but the Republican House simply said “no”, as they have to other things.

I do not understand at all why Barack Obama gets blamed for what the Republicans are doing to him, the barriers they  have set up against him, if it isn’t racism.  But no one wants to admit they are racists, so they come up with all kinds of excuses and ways to blame him.

Romney says he isn’t worried about the poor because there are safety nets for them.  Yet he backs up the Ryan budget plan which will take $3.3 trillion from the safety net system, and I guarantee you that I am one of those who will be caught up in the fall-out if the system falls apart.  And this after giving 47 years of my life to the work force, at least 35 of those years in administrative-type jobs.  But I am a woman, and now I’m an older woman, and while I go against the “people get more conservative as they get older” mindset, I only get more liberal as more people go ultra-conservative, until I am perhaps considered just a bit ridiculous.  As I also said previously, I would not want a government as liberal as I am, but I do believe in equality for all, separation of church and state, and health care and education for every citizen of this great country.

I am hearing daily now about how the Republicans have a larger amount of money to spend on the campaign, and that that will sink the Democrats.  Out of my $900+ a month, I manage to send $25 now and again to the National Democratic party, and I imagine there are a lot of people like me also doing the same thing.  I say that all of these money-people, who want to keep their tax cuts for millionaires just have one vote apiece, just like me and you.  If they can buy votes, than shame on the person who has no respect for his own rights, and will take money for their vote.  I do not understand a person like that.  I just see that person as having more love for money than for justice and equality for all.

I am troubled by where this country is headed.  If the tea party christians get their way, and are allowed to go out and purge this country of anyone who does not believe the same way they do (shades of the Inquisition), then I’m going to be one of those targeted.  Because while I believe I am a Christian Pagan Gnostic, that word Christian comes from the word “Christ”, which simply means anointed.  It is not a made-up last name for a man who, great as he was, was still a man, and no more divine than I am.  So I am a target for those fundamentalists who, if they would face the truth, are just as rabid and radical as the radical Islamists, who also do not represent the true Mohammad and his teachings.

I am still in belief that Obama and the good, sensible folks will prevail, and that I will be able at some point to publicly accuse Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, Ryan and the like of treason, for putting themselves and their ideology above the good of the people in this country.  But I grow a little more nervous about it every day when I hear the lies being told by Romney and his backers, and know that there are an awful lot of people who are believing the lies.  Or who want to believe the lies just because they don’t like Obama.

I hope this blog is seen by a lot of people – I urge everyone who reads it and who knows someone who should read it to copy and paste everywhere you can think of.  I am going to send it to MSNBC myself.

God/dess help us all to see the truth.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX


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Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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