Mitt Romney’s Secret Plan….and the rest of yesterday’s political news

I’ve figured out Mitt Romney’s secret plan.  It is to exhaust us all with his lies and untruths, and our head jerks when we say “he said WHAT?”, and a hope we will all go away and let his lies carry him into the presidency.

I am not sure Mitt even writes his own speeches.  I would almost bet (except I have no proof) that Norquist and Rove and others write his speeches, and he tries to memorize them, and thus, his speeches are full of stammers and stutters and ers and ums, as he tries to remember what he is being told to say.

So what is it now?  He is trying to take credit for the auto company bailouts – claiming he said exactly what Obama actually did, and so he takes credit for the bailout.  First of all, he said, in exact words, over many speeches, that the auto companies should just go bankrupt.  Then private entities could lend them the money to get out.  Well, there were no private entities to come forward at the time because they didn’t want to spend their own money in a recession.  So the government lent the money, and it is being paid back with interest.  Frankly, I suspect Mitt just wanted to catch a company in bankruptcy and buy it out for pennies on the dollar.  That way he could be like his dad, George, who got wealthy with his activity in the world of auto makers.  Does this remind anyone of anyone else?  Look back to George W. Bush, who tried to take over some of his dad’s companies, only to drive them into the ground, and then Daddy Bush took over to bail it all out.  But it didn’t work for Mitt.  President Obama was responsible for the bailout, and now the auto companies are making money again, and paying the loan back, and millions of workers got to keep their jobs.

Then he said he felt sorry for Oldsmobile because they lost their company (when in actuality, Oldsmobile was folded into Buick, which is the same car with a different name, and this happened during the Bush presidency, I’m not even sure which Bush right now).

How dare he?  Chutzpah!!!!

Some other Romneys from yesterday:  Congress is not responsible for the country’s economic problems; Romney admitted the economy is getting better; Mitt is against Plan B (like the morning-after pill), but is attending a fund-raiser in his behalf next week, hosted by the CEO of the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the morning-after pills.

Romney would just rubber stamp GOP House agendas, as Norquist wants him to.  The Repubs know he cannot defeat Barack Obama in November, so they will spread lies about Obama, hoping that if you tell the lie often enough, people will start to believe it.  They did this to John Kerry with the swift-boat ads in 2004.  The Repubs just want a Republican head of state so they can run the country in their own way, knowing Mitt Romney will do whatever they tell him to.  Mitt Romney would be nothing but a figurehead, rather like Queen Elizabeth is in England, for their parliament.

And in other political news:  The Republicans blocked Obama’s jobs bill last fall (this would be the one that would hire people to work on the infrastructure, a plan that was successful under FDR).  But Romney and the tea partiers can’t force private industry to stop hiring.  So manufacturing is up, but is not getting enough skilled workers.  Obama wants to make a national commitment to train two million people for these jobs at a cost of $8 billion.  But he needs Congress approval, and you know that the Repubs will knock that one down too.  I understand that in NE Ohio, they need many, many workers for manufacturing, but are saying young men aren’t interested, and older men are afraid.  So I say let the women have the jobs – they are not scared.

Does anyone remember the movie Dave?  In it Kevin Kline plays a double role, playing the president, who is crooked as the day is long, and a look-alike who steps in when the president has a stroke while partying with a young secretary.  Dave does just fine, even naming a jobs bill that would put people to work.  He runs an employment agency in his real life, so putting people to work is important to him.  He says “have you ever looked at the face of a person who just got a job?  He is proud, he looks at himself in the mirror and is proud”.  Yes, there are people who maybe don’t want blue-collar jobs because they think they are too high-falutin’ to do such “lowly” work.  But I would guarantee that not everyone feels the same way.  To have a job is to have respect, and incidentally, money coming in to feed his/her family.  When Dave is caught up in a scandal that was actually against the real president, and to keep the secret safe, Dave took a “dive”, in a speech saying it was correct, but naming the real person who was in on the scheme with him, and pretended to another stroke.  The switch was made in the ambulance, the real president ended up in the hospital, the bad guy went to prison, and the VP, who was sworn in when it became known the president was in a bad way, put forward the jobs bill that the president had put up, and it all ended happily ever after – especially for Dave and the presidential widow, who was in on the whole deal earlier.  Yes, it is a movie, and no, it couldn’t possibly happen in real life, but the point is the jobs bill – the bill that will put people to work and give them back their pride.

BTW, Rick Berg, A Republican running for Senate in North Dakota, did not know what the minimum wage is in North Dakota, nor did his staff.  But he knew enough to vote against raising the minimum wage three times, and against a living wage for workers once, but voted for a raise in legislator’s wages.  I think he must have been a State legislator who is now trying to get into Congress.  Also BTW, he is a millionaire.

Rick Santorum finally “endorsed” Romney, in an email sent out at midnight night before last, in 16 paragraphs, four or five of which spoke of the differences between them, and a luke-warm paragraph that finally said he endorsed him.  I still think it possible that Santorum himself will vote for Obama because he has already been talking about running again in 2016, and a one-term presidency, while not exactly rare, rarely happens.  It happened to Jimmy Carter and to George HW Bush, and it sort of happened to LBJ, though by his choice (he could have run for a second term since his first “term” was actually filling out the JFK presidency, so that he only ran for one term and won).  This will not happen to Obama.

Maine’s Republican Governor Paul LePage, is telling people to get off the couch and go get a job; Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is upset about college loans; Herman Cain tells you that if you don’t have a job, it is your fault.  You think his pizza companies are hiring?

Paul Krugman is all over the media these days talking about his book “End This Depression Now”.  He says the GOP “cuts” policy is slowing the economy.  Too true.

Karl Rove keeps doing things that are favorable for Obama.  He’s spending a lot of peoples’ monies just to assure Obama’s re-election.  And no, he is not doing it on purpose.  In fact, I learned last night that today he is releasing some sort of ad that is intended to turn Obama’s ridding us of Osama bin Laden from an asset to a liability.  I can hardly wait to see what is going on here.

As well, there is a man named Joe Arends with a group (himself alone) called Vets for a Strong America who is going to try swift-boating Obama for the same reason – try to turn his removal of Osama bin Laden into a liability instead of an asset – trying to use it to make us believe that Democrats are soft on national security.  OK, so what have the Democrats learned since John Kerry had to concede to a lie in Ohio?

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Wisconsin Democratic Primary and will run against Scott Walker in the recall election on June 5.  He is very popular in Wisconsin, and while the polls show them close, I don’t think it is nearly as close as we are led to believe.  From the comments I read from Wisconsinites on Twitter and FaceBook, they really want Scott Walker out and the unions back in.

North Carolina………to be continued to next blog.

Carol Stepp, Austin


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