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Mitt can’t win for losing

OK, after an evening of listening to the pundits (and I believe that would be a name people might call me), I have the following opinions: Santorum got out because he was probably going to lose his homestate of Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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Obama and his successes

A lot of you keep trying to tell me that Obama has done nothing for this country except get us into a war (and what president hasn’t, GWB and all), and that he has done nothing for the economy.  Well, … Continue reading

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Metformin and Cancer

Vindication.  It is always nice when a story that has been a conspiracy theory shows up as being most likely true.  This time, it is a cure for cancer. Now, not all cancers are proven to be helped by this … Continue reading

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My Sunday April Fool’s Day

No fool here.  I stayed in all day.  And after I watched the NASCAR races (my Dale Jr. came in 3rd, one of these days he is going to win again, but at least he is 2nd in points), I … Continue reading

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