Metformin and Cancer

Vindication.  It is always nice when a story that has been a conspiracy theory shows up as being most likely true.  This time, it is a cure for cancer.

Now, not all cancers are proven to be helped by this drug.  But research has already shown it to be effective against pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer.  It is a very inexpensive drug which all diabetics are familiar with, and it is called Metformin (brand name Glucophage).  This information has been on the Internet for some time now, but it has now been announced on network news.  So for those who did not see the show on Saturday night, go look up ABC World News for 4/7/12, and listen in, or read, what was said there.

I do not know all the technical details, but it appears that metformin working with the insulin in your body (and metformin is given to those who are pre-diabetic, or come down with type II diabetes, and is probably being used by Type I Diabetics as well) and as far as I could understand, works best even with those who are taking insulin shots.  But please don’t take my word as gospel because, as I said, I didn’t get all the techinical stuff.  But look it up.

Now here’s the kicker – and fits in with the conspiracy theory.  Apparently this has been known to pharmaceutical companies for some time, but the pharmaceutical companies have refused to fund research.  They simply don’t want to have to give up all their expensive drugs that cancer patients need, and perhaps there are even doctors who don’t want to give up their lucrative practices of caring for cancer patients.  I am now wondering if the Cancer Research Centers around the country have known this and is the reason they are so successful.

And now, for you dorks who don’t like the government involved in anything (except maybe your bedrooms), the government is kicking in the funding for this research.  Just because they can, and the pharmaceuticals companies won’t.

Look it up.  And if you now find it on the Internet, you can now believe what has been available for quite some time.

Carol Stepp, Austin


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