Super Bowl Playoffs and other stuff

I must say that I was impressed with both the 49ers defeat of the Saints, and then the Giants over the Packers.  Considering I am first a Raiders fan, and second a Packers fan, it is indeed very telling when I can compliment a team who beats a team I have loved for years.  I have followed the Pack and the Raiders ever since the superbowl of 1967.  Some of you were probably not even born then.  Up until that year, I had not paid much attention to pro football.  But I managed a bar back in Corpus Christi in those days, and while the business was mostly merchant seaman from the port (all nationalities), I did have some local patronage, and I knew if I didn’t have a television in the bar, I would lose customers.

So I got to learn how to love football and baseball during those years.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend here where I am living, and asked him if he had any predictions.  Because three of the teams that are in the playoffs were not expected to be in them.  Sort of like college basketball was last year, in the NCAA playoffs.  Only the Pats are in of the original four that were “supposed” to be in the playoffs.

So I am going to make a wild prediction here.  And laugh if you want.  But I’m going to make it anyway.

Ravens/49ers for the Super Bowl.  And since I have always tended to choose the AFL/AFC team (probably because of the Raiders) most of the time, I’ll go with the Ravens.  But I have no reason for doing so other than just a gut choice.

Note added after the playoffs:  well neither of my teams got into the game.  Since it is now the Giants and Patriots, I will watch the game, but I am not going to make a prediction.

In the meantime, I will probably try to catch up with the OKC Thunder in basketball, and looking forward to the beginning of NASCAR on February 26, Daytona.

Of course, as a big Olympics fan, I am looking forward to the Games this coming summer.  And now that I live where there is basic cable, I imagine I will be seeing a lot more events this year than I have in the past (actually, I think I saw a lot more of the winter Olympics in Vancouver since I was living here then – 2010).

And hallelujah, Royal Pains is back this week.

Just finished book three of the Steig Larsson trilogy, following book two, and need now to get book one, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I find it strange that Larsson died just after delivering the three manuscripts to the publisher, and that he was involved with outing some pretty diverse, but unpatriotic, organizations in his native Sweden, and wonder if the books were a cover for his making some accusations.  I do not know if he died of natural causes, or if it was mysterious, but since I’ve discovered these books eight years after the fact, I doubt I will do anything to try to discover what happened.  Just say that I’ve enjoyed both books, read them each in two days time, and look forward to reading the first one.  Also, they are not likely books I will read again, simply because of the complexity of the stories, and that I wouldn’t be surprised by the stories again.

I’ve got the two latest Jack Ryan books at home to read, but I don’t know if I’m actually going to get them read.

Got to go, later.

Carol Stepp, Austin

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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