Political debates and Rick Perry

First of all, I will admit I have not been watching the Republican debates because I hear enough about the idiocies from those who do, and read about them in the newspaper.  Also, I have already determined to vote for Obama.  But this is not fair to the debaters.  Because until I watch one, I won’t actually have heard what they have to say.  So tonight I am going to listen to my first debate.

Michele Bachmann is the biggest joke, she is said to give historians and fact-checkers job security.  But anyone who would let her own tea-partiness cause her to say if you turn 999 upside down, you would have 666, and therefore, Herman Cain is a work of the devil.

Mitt Romney is being judged for his religion, but I think what Mitt should be judged for is his complete inability to relate to people not in the financial superiority he is.  He does not know they exist because he avoids talking to them, and sort of looks through or past them.  He simply does not know how to react poverty, or lower-middle class.

Jon Huntsman might have been a decent candidate, but since he said Mr. Cain’s 999 plan sounded like a price for a pizza, and the commentator I read could only say about him “Huntsman made a joke about gas, but we are not going there”.  Doesn’t not say much about him.

Herman Cain himself is only a candidate because his people decided they needed to run another black man against Obama, but those people are not going to vote for him.  The only people that might are the black people who already voted for Obama, and might not want to vote for him again.  Cain does not stand a chance.

Newt Gingrich cannot be taken seriously either.  His remarks about how Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should be thrown in jail for their bill to reform Wall Street financial practices are absolutely idiotic.  To me, the only treasonous people in this administration are those who said they would rather see the US fail than to support anything Obama did, even when it came to Obama using their own bills are part of his proposals.

But this is mostly about Rick Perry, a man I can talk about after having lived in the Austin, TX, area throughout his whole governorship terms.

The first thing to understand is that Rick Perry doesn’t actually like people, unless they are giving him money.  Then he rewards them with government jobs they are not capable of doing.  And God help you if you ever offer him less than $5000, because he will then do what he can to hurt you.

Rick Perry is duplicitous:  he talks freely about how many jobs he has brought to Texas, yet he has never mentioned how many jobs he has gotten rid of – most of them in the educational field:  the teachers, the administrators, the cafeteria workers, the janitors, everyone who has lost his/her job because schools are being shut down, or money refused to them.  Rick Perry even begged for money for education from the US Government he claims to hate, but when Lloyd Doggett wanted him to have to abide by a rule/law that the money could only be used for education, Rick Perry decided he didn’t really need it that much.  Rick Perry spends money on his own private wants, even while asking for it presumably for the people.

Rick Perry stands up for right-to-life, but once that child is born, Rick Perry has made sure that programs to help that child, if born into poverty, are being cut right and left.  They are not his problem, as long as they get borned.

I have a personal opinion that the Governor’s Mansion got burned because Rick could not get a swimming pool put it – the Texas Historical Society wouldn’t allow it.  So mysteriously, someone sets the Governor’s Mansion on fire, the DPS takes the blame, and an arsonist is made up.  So while the Mansion is being rebuilt to historical records (no swimming pool), Rick is living in a mansion, with indoor and outdoor pools, that we, the Texas taxpayers, are paying $9000+ rent per month.  I think if Rick Perry has to move back into the Governor’s Mansion, he’d sign some sort of bill saying it could never be lived in again, but just kept for posterity.

Rick Perry has never had to debate anyone, which is why he is doing such a poor job.  He has always gotten by on his looks, his hair, his oil and cattle buddies.  He found a really lame reason to not debate Bill White, who came closest to beating him.  But more about that in a minute.  Perry was requiring White to release IRS records that Perry himself refused to release about himself, and every time Bill would supply a record, Perry’s people would find another way to refuse.

But here is the worse:  Rick Perry plays dirty politics.  He and his people have a bad habit of making last-minute videos and ads for television that are outright lies, or so misleading that you really need to search for yourself to find the truth.  This is not something non-thinking Republicans want to do.  They prefer the things they can look at.  But here are some examples:

While Perry was still a Democrat, one of his best friends was Tony Sanchez.  But when Perry became a Republican, Tony decided to run against him for governor.  Tony made his money from firearms.  So Perry made an ad that accused Tony Sanchez of selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, making him somewhat guilty of some deaths.

A week before the last election, when Perry knew he was probably going to lose to Bill White, he put out a television ad with a woman saying that her policeman husband was killed by an illegal immigrant, a man from a drug cartel, who lived in Houston because White made Houston a sanctuary city.  This was an outright blatant lie; Houston has never been a sanctuary city.  But Bill White had not time to get a rebuttal out.

Now Rick Perry has a video on YouTube which has been put together taking things from many of his opponents out of context, so it appears to the viewer that someone is saying exactly the opposite of what was actually said.

When Mitt Romney got his health-care bill passed in Massachusetts, his idea was that the bill would not fit every state, but that it was a good start for states to work their own health care plans around – it allowed for flexibility.  Even Obama said”In fact, I agree with Mitt Romney, who recently said he’s proud of what he accomplished on health care in Massachusetts and supports giving states the power to determine their own health care solutions.  He’s right.  Alabama is not going to have exactly the same needs as Massachusetts or California or North Dakota.  We believe in that flexibility”.

But Perry’s ad simply says that Romney’s health care bill should be used for all states, and that Obama agreed with him.

On one of the shows, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes speaks of the Affordable Care Act, which was better known to the Republican primary voters as the dread ‘Obamacare’, Chris describes the federal health care law as the “Affordable Care Act, and then jumps to his calling it Obamacare, leaving out about a dozen words.

There have been all sorts of political statements from the Perry campaign that prove these ways of Perry’s people, but face the truth, how many people who want to like Perry are only going to judge him from a YouTube video, and place not known for the veracity of many of its claims.  These people are not going to try to learn the truth.  The only people who are going to look further are those who are serious about their politics, who want to know the truth, who are open-minded enough to accept truths they didn’t want to know, and while they might still vote for the person I wouldn’t, at least they are doing it with some modicum of intelligence.

I don’t actually think Rick Perry will survive to be the candidate against Barack Obama, but everyone who is opposing him at the present time should be careful that he cannot find some way to accuse them of murder, a week before the election is held.

I know a lot of people who have voted for Perry, being new to Texas, who are bitterly regretting that vote today.

Carol Stepp, Austin, TX

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Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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  1. Amen Sister!!! Bravo!!!

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