Obama’s Jobs Speech

There is a huge conversation going on in FaceBook right now, about how Obama’s speech was seen last night.  I am a very political person (I know, how can I have time, but I do), and I am going to copy over here a couple of the things being said, with no names attached, other than my own.

This is a comment one person made:  “Next to slaughtering innocent people for resources, there’s nothing that excites Obama more than corporate welfare!”

And this was my reply:  Carol Stepp (person’s name), I think you are confused. It was GWBush who started these unnecessary wars for resources, and it is Boehner and McConnell and Cantor who love the big corporate bullies. I wish people would get this straight. As for Eric Cantor, wasn’t it he who wanted to hold help for the hurricane victims hostage to getting his Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid bills passed? Folks, I am one of those folks who gets things I most certainly am entitled to. I gave 47 years to the work force, being forced into retirement when I turned 62 by a major university where I had worked for 20 years, I type over 100 words a minute, I write blogs and other things, I am intelligent (IQ 163), and tons of common sense because I have been working against the system for women since the late 50s. I am almost 71, and I live in assisted housing with $900 a month income, $16 a month food stamps, and QMB along with my Medicare. I earned every penny of that. Don’t slam people like me until you have walked in my shoes. Unfortunately, way too many people who are younger are walking in my shoes these days because they cannot get jobs, or have to work for minimum wages, or part-time jobs to survive. I doubt Boehner has ever had to do that. At least Obama actually cares. Can’t say that about most of the Repubs these days, but even some Repub seniors are feeling the same pinch I am. And I think you will find some of those seniors switching parties if the Repubs managed to get social security and Medicare stopped, or cut back too far.

What another person said:  The American Jobs Act outlined by President Obama yesterday will put people back to work and needed money back in our citizen’s pockets. The long term unemployed will find work, teachers will be put back in our classrooms, summer jobs for our youth will be created and businesses will get what they need to expand, grow and hire. This is a win-win for Republicans and Democrats alike!

Another of my replied:  Carol Stepp Or would you rather see people like me on the street, starving? Or perhaps like Logan’s Run, kill off everybody over 35?

And yet another naysayer:  Obama did not tell us where the $447 billion is coming from, and Mitch McConnell says “This isn’t a jobs plan. It’s a re-election plan. That’s why Republicans will continue to press for policies to empower job creators, not DC. Obama’s economic policies that don’t work. His jobs plan is to try these same policies again, and then accuse anyone who doesn’t support them being political or overly partisan.”

My comment:  It is ridiculous to hear someone like Mitch McConnell to speak about a political move, and accusing Obama folks of using this for political reasons.  Don’t even tell me that Republicans like Mitch McConnell aren’t doing the things they are doing for political reasons, for the sake of the big corporations whose pockets they are in, who keep trying to keep their money safe, while letting the rest of us starve.  Does Mitch take care of his elderly relatives?  Or has he put them all in homes where they cannot get social security and Medicare benefits?

A response to my note above from a very nice person:  @ Carol Stepp. Very well said. So many people think of only theirselves and forget there are other people hurting too! God bless you Carol and I’m with you when you said President Obama cares about the poor and middle class people. He is so trying to help but Congress and the RepuliCONS shoot him down everytime. We have got to stick together and re-elect him. He is doing good for us. God bless you and our President and the USA>

And my reply to that:  Thank you, _____ and _______. I am actually doing pretty well, simply because I know how to live simply. I’ve been forced into it. I can tell you that as a woman who came up in the 60s and 70s, I never made more than $25,000 a year, so I have learned to live on a small income. My condolences these days are going out to all the folks who have lost homes and possessions to floods in the east and south, and to folks right around here where I live, Austin, TX, who are losing their homes to all these horrible wildfires. As of last night (and I haven’t looked at the news yet today), over 1400 homes have been burned to the ground, with many thousand others damaged. I actually feel sorry for wealthy people who have this kind of tragedy simply because they don’t know HOW to live cheaply, or simply. And thus they don’t understand. I appreciate people who do.

I would love to have some feedback on this, pro and con, just to get a feel for what people are really thinking.  I don’t know if wordpress will throw out anything as spam, so please try to speak without using curse words or body slams.

Carol, Austin, TX

About carolstepp

Music is about the most important thing in my life, and I follow a large number of musicians, particularly Irish, Scots, Classical, Crossovers of any of these. I was writing a blog about Celtic Thunder regularly on MySpace, and now I have left them after a year, and will start writing my blogs here. I am 70, retired, living on Social Security, and have a lot of social network fans.
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