Damian McGinty

I was looking for Bird Without Wings, and all I could find was a bunch of other people singing the song. What happened to the one of him that was on the playlists for so long.


Tribute to the ever so talented, Damian Mcginty! Song: Young Love Performed by: Damian Mcginty Pictures are from various places (mostly google) I don’t own a…

DeeDee found this for me on MySpace, which I cannot get any longer on these new HACA computers.  Thank you, DeeDee.

As you can see, I wrote this post originally over a year ago, after I saw Damian on It’s Entertainment.  Since then I have watched joyfully as that young boy grew into the lovely young man he is today.  Some of you know I have also defended him against events that seemed to go against him, to many criticisms, and a few agreements.  I can say today that I am so happy that he is going to be going into Glee (I think it is an audition first?), and hope he is successful.

I am also very, very happy that he has been able to spend some time with Paul and Dom again, in New York City.  I hope nothing bu the best for this young man, will follow his career with great enjoyment.  I still hope playing Frank Sinatra is in the cards for him, but that is out of my hand, and perhaps something he might not be interested in.

I wrote him a letter expressing my regret for what had happened to him; obviously I never received a reply.  They are not supposed to acknowledge fan mail, individually, though I am sure there are those who have been lucky enough to get replies.

Go Damian!!!!


A grown-up Damian


From The Heart 2 Concert, Millenium Forum, Derry.

Subject : Damian grows wings

Posted Date: : Apr 30, 2010 8:07 AM

The first thing I said when I first saw IE on my local PBS station, because Damian came out to sing “Home”, was “Damian”!!!!!!

That boy had shot up two feet, and his voice went down about the same amount.  What a lovely young man he is now.

After I got my DVD of The Show, I saw “Bird Without Wings” for the first time, and it gave me goose pimples, and I cried a little.  How beautiful.  Phil really co-wrote a most lovely piece for him, and that beautiful soprano voice.  I was especially taken with the look on George’s face as he “watched over” Damian.

He was also cute doing the Paul Anka “Puppy Love” cover.

I believe his parents, and even more, his grandfather, on whose face I see etched the sorrows he must have seen in Derry City during the Irish civil wars, must have had to lay some of them aside to bring Damian up to be a happy young boy, and man.  I credit them with raising a young man who seems so sane, and normal.

Then when Sharon took him into her home when he became a part of CT, she carried on in helping make him the lovely man he turned into.

So now we see him singing Neal Sedaka songs, and boy, does he do them well.  Brings back memories of when I was his age.  Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb

(reference 77 Sunset Strip television show).

I have no idea where Damian is going to finally decided to make a career.  I understand he is studying production in college now, and while he could continue to sing on (young Barry White, young Sinatra), I am thinking he may be interested in getting into the production side of the music business.  Perhaps the young man will even go on to acting, much like Sinatra did (but stay away from things like the Rat Pack).

I know I shall eagerly watch the fledgling fly, higher and higher, as he goes through the years.  I simply don’t believe he could ever fade away, unless he makes that choice some day.


Obviously, I shall now mention his work on the Christmas Show and Heritage.  His interaction with the young girl on Our First Christmas was priceless, and showed how very human he is.  And on Heritage, he shone on both Twilight and Steal Away.  I loved the looks on George’s face as he smiled down on Damian in Steal Away, and even Keith turned his head to watch him.  I think these lads feel as much a part of his growing up as Paul ever did.  And of course, the looks exchanged between Paul and Damian on Twilight were classic “hey, we did it – good job”.  I love the pride of the lads who watched Damian grow into the beautiful, and very down-to-earth young man, he is.  I think it is one of the best rewards I have had for the year I gave the group Celtic Thunder.  Unfortunately I am not his grandmother, but I feel as proud of him as if I were.


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